In Therapeutic Innovation, Digital Must Be Held to the Same Rigor as Biotech

In the last few decades, we’ve watched as innovations from antibodies to gene therapy, and from CAR-T to CRISPR have been advanced by biotechnicians and life scientists. These technological advancements are welcomed both by those who seek healing and those who seek to heal, as they explore all possible options to improve life and restore … Read more

Retailers Are Making a Big Push Into Healthcare. Is Our Sector Ready?

The trend of brand-name retailers growing their presence in healthcare continues to build. In the past couple of years Amazon, CVS Health, and Walgreens have spent billions of dollars in acquisitions to stake their claim. From primary and specialty care to home health and retail health, these companies are betting on putting their years of … Read more

Where Cell Therapies Are Going Next, and How Insurers Are Getting Ready

Cell therapy brings a new dimension to the personalization of cancer care. These treatments are currently made by engineering a patient’s own immune cells into better and more targeted cancer fighters. Since these CAR T-therapies were first approved in 2017, the biopharmaceutical industry has been working to improve how these living medicines are manufactured. Six … Read more

Commercial Payers’ Rising Claims Denials Rates Are Exacerbating Hospitals’ Financial Woes

It’s no secret that hospitals and health systems have been facing severe financial woes in the past couple years. These money problems have forced many providers to make what they likely felt were tough but necessary choices — such as shuttering underperforming service lines, laying off staff and using debt collection agencies to obtain payment … Read more

A Father’s Vision for New Kind of Gene Therapy Leads to a $100M Financing

When it comes to the health and wellbeing of a child, parents will do just about anything. Paul Bresge started a biotech company. Bresge’s middle daughter, Tamar, was young when her eye problems started. She describes her vision as a tunnel that slowly gets tighter. At 15, she was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, a rare … Read more

Survey: 65% of Americans Say Employer-sponsored Insurance Necessary for Financial Security

About 65% of Americans believe that employer-sponsored insurance provides them with “financial peace of mind,” a new survey shows. The AHIP report, published Wednesday, was conducted by Locust Street Group from April 17 to April 25 as part of AHIP’s Coverage@Work campaign, which aims to gather insights on Americans’ thoughts on employer-sponsored coverage. It included … Read more

Health Investors’ Benchmarks Have Moved in Current Fundraising Environment, Exec Says

Fundraising is always difficult, but perhaps especially so in today’s economic climate. In response, health investors are taking their time in their investments. “Right now, what we’re seeing is the benchmarks have moved for what investors are looking for, and rounds are taking a lot longer to close,” said Ulili Onovakpuri, managing partner of Kapor … Read more

Which Healthcare Startups Won the MedCity INVEST Pitch Perfect Contest?

The annual MedCity INVEST conference this week offered a platform for healthcare startups investors to come together, network, and exchange ideas. The Pitch Perfect contest was the centerpiece of the event, highlighting how different companies are imagining healthcare innovation. The competition saw 23 healthcare startups across biopharma, medical devices, and health tech geared for consumers/employers … Read more

Payers Need Clear Outcomes Data to Reimburse Digital Health, Experts Argue

From Left to Right: Yuri Goryunov, William Brady, Alyssa Jaffee and Stephen Smith The pandemic prompted a great need for technology-enabled care delivery, so the regulations surrounding reimbursement for these services were tossed out the window in 2020. Now that the public health emergency has ended, the healthcare industry has to figure out how it … Read more

Canadian Showcase at MedCity INVEST Champions Healthcare Innovation

At MedCity INVEST, held this week at the Ritz Carlton in Chicago, Canadian healthcare startups presented their technologies and explained how they plan to address pain points in healthcare across health tech, medtech and biopharma. Presented by the Consulate General of Canada in Chicago, which is currently celebrating the 75th anniversary of its diplomatic presence in … Read more