Memphis Grizzlies New Orleans Pelicans top 2 Western Conference

Zion Williamson (l.) and Ja MorantImage: Getty Images The Golden State Warriors lost again last night. On Tuesday, the Phoenix Suns dropped a game to the lowly Houston Rockets for the second time this month. Those two wins account for 22.2 percent of the Rockets’ victories this season. The Denver Nuggets have a decent grip … Read more

Lotta goals in the desert

Argentina enjoys a well-deserved celebration.Photo: Getty Images Sometimes those who cover the game have to fistfuck a narrative into fitting. And then sometimes Lionel Messi does that. Argentina 3 – 0 Croatia Geez, maybe we should have let Brazil go through after all. Croatia are such a weird study. In the end, they’ve won one … Read more

Kyrie Irving, Brett Favre, Cleveland Browns fans

1. Brett Favre Illustration: Getty Images Brett Favre isn’t the first public figure who has been ascribed virtues for no reason other than that he is famous. He became the Green Bay Packers quarterback in 1992, a once-storied franchise that had made the playoffs only twice since their last Super Bowl victory during the 1967 … Read more