Seven of the biggest bargain contracts in American sports

Photo: Getty Images Michael Harris II had a great season for the Atlanta Braves. The centerfielder won National League Rookie of the year with a 135 OPS-plus and 19 home runs, and a 5.3 overall war. The Braves saw this coming and inked him to an eight-year, $72 million contract this summer. Seems generous to … Read more

The NBA can’t move on until Kyrie Irving repents

Kyrie IrvingPhoto: AP The NBA can’t move on until Kyrie Irving repents The most important thing Dave Chappelle said during his Saturday Night Live monologue was unquestionably correct. The Jewish people have been through terrible things all over the world and our suffering in no way can be traced to Black Americans. Chappelle’s dead-on about … Read more

Is Jimmy Garoppolo more valuable when he doesn’t pass?

You want Jimmy G to do what now?Image: Getty Images The Jimmy Garoppolo experience, a ride with far less thrills than the Michael Vick one from the Nike commercial. Riding with Jimmy Garoppolo has gotten the San Francisco 49ers to the doorstep of the franchises’ sixth Super Bowl Championship, but he hasn’t been able to … Read more

Brett Favre got caught red handed and nobody cares

Boooooooooo!Image: Getty Images Newsflash: As much as you love them, dogs aren’t humans. And as much as it might have infuriated you, asking the police to do their job isn’t a fireable offense that should get you blackballed in your industry. But that’s not how it works in America. In this country, you’ll get more … Read more