NBA has been silent on Kobe Bryant’s daughter having a stalker

Natalia BryantImage: Getty Images Love and adoration are actions, not just soundbites, and social media posts. It’s showing up for your hero’s family when he can’t. Kobe Bryant’s oldest daughter, Natalia, recently filed a request for a restraining order against a man that has allegedly been stalking her, sending unwanted messages on social media, and … Read more

Bring the NBA to Mexico City

Mexico City is one of the biggest and most cosmopolitan cities in the world, and it deserves an NBA team.Image: Getty Images The first time I ever went to Mexico, my dad brought us to visit our grandparents, who were alive and living in San Benito, a Texas border town. In the early 90s, we … Read more

The Sacramento Kings are the NBA’s team of redemption

No longer a league laughingstockImage: Getty Images Kings Nation has been through the wringer for the past 16 years. The Sacramento Kings may be poised to end their postseason drought and the path forward is illuminated in a unique way by an unusual group. During the offseason, owner Vivek Ranadivé had the brightest full-color laser … Read more

5 surprising NBA rookies you need to know about

Image: Getty Images 2022 NBA Draft: 12th pick When it comes to the draft, Presti just doesn’t miss. With Williams, the Thunder might have found the athletic wing player their starting line-up has been missing. With Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Lu Dort, Josh Giddey, and Chet Holmgren, the Thunder employ four switchy, positionless two-way players. While that … Read more

Come home, Kevin Durant

Kevin DurantImage: Getty Images The NBA’s greatest epics have been built around a meteoric star crash landing in a small market, galvanizing the city around their greatness in hopes of delivering glory. Think LeBron James in Cleveland, Dirk Nowitzki in Dallas, Tim Duncan in San Antonio, Isiah Thomas in Detroit, Hakeem Olajuwon in Houston, Giannis … Read more

Tom Thibodeau, Tony Soprano, and the New York Knicks

Tom Thibodeau’s coaching style never changes, and that’s a problem.Image: Getty Images Almost a year ago, I contemplated the soul of Knicks head coach Tom Thibodeau, searching for answers to his most pressing coaching quandaries. Humans are prone to making connections, comparing and contrasting, to make sense of the chaos around us. In the world … Read more

Seven of the biggest bargain contracts in American sports

Photo: Getty Images Michael Harris II had a great season for the Atlanta Braves. The centerfielder won National League Rookie of the year with a 135 OPS-plus and 19 home runs, and a 5.3 overall war. The Braves saw this coming and inked him to an eight-year, $72 million contract this summer. Seems generous to … Read more

Lakers’ Patrick Beverley throws typical Patrick Beverley tantrum

Oh, Pat…Image: Getty Images Has there ever been a more irrelevant player to make more headlines than Patrick Beverley? The 11-year guard was up to the only tricks he knows again Tuesday night, getting ejected for having his teammate’s back by violently pushing Deandre Ayton from behind. This is like the 15 millionth time Beverley … Read more

Dallas Mavericks to struggle unless Luka Dončić buys into team concept

There’s no “I” in “team,” Luka.Image: Getty Images The Dallas Mavericks’ struggles this season are well-documented and likely won’t be put to rest anytime soon. Their All-World leader, Luka Dončić, is off to another hot start, but that’s only translated into a 9-7 record, and the team barely keeping their heads above water. While Dončić … Read more

Can Ben Simmons find closure in Philadelphia?

Ben SimmonsImage: Getty Images Maybe one day Philadelphia sports fans will forgive Ben Simmons for not taking the court at all for the 76ers last season, not shooting in four consecutive fourth quarters, and the play in which he passed the ball to the only Sixer who was arguably a worse shooter than him instead … Read more