Wilks, Flores will keep 49ers, Vikings in playoff picture for years

Steve Wilks was hired as the 49ers’ new defensive coordinator.Photo: Getty Images There’s something poetic about the rich getting richer in the NFL. The latest example of a rich team making the best move for its franchise comes from a rich individual who can’t see the writing on the wall in front of him. Enter … Read more

Eagles’ Nick Sirianni asked if Super Bowl is a ‘must win’ game

Gotta be a gag, right?Image: Getty Images In the Eagles’ Nick Sirianni’s first Super Bowl as a head coach, he experienced one of the true jewels of Super Bowl week: Being asked one of the most ridiculous questions that he will ever hear. One of the best things that the NFL does is credential almost … Read more

Sports writers aren’t going to lose their jobs to AI just yet

AI predicted that the Kansas City Chiefs will win the Super Bowl — thanks to Tyreek Hill, who isn’t on the team anymoreImage: Getty Images Technology is terrifying. That’s why I still do all my research via newspaper and all my math by abacus. However, when I heard about an AI that could write professional-level … Read more

Week 14 NFL Powerless Ranking: These teams are looking ahead to the draft

It’s time to check in on the teams that can’t get out of their own way. We’re coming up on the home stretch of the 2022 NFL season, and much of it has been unpredictable, but there are always a few teams we expect to disappoint their fan base. Now let’s get into the Powerless … Read more

Justin Herbert goes Michael Jordan on the Dolphins

Justin HerbertPhoto: Getty Images The difference was clear last night. Of the two quarterbacks selected top-10 in the 2020 NFL Draft on the field on Sunday night, only one has a chance to become one of the best in the league. That player is Justin Herbert. He had his full arsenal of weapons against the … Read more

Robert Griffin III doesn’t think teams want Lions to make playoffs

Robert Griffin IIIPhoto: Getty Images As an analyst on TV, you need to be either entertaining, say something shocking, or have controversial opinions, but sometimes they can go a little far in attempting to make Twitter waves. Robert Griffin III is the latest, basically saying NFL teams don’t want the Detroit Lions in the playoffs. … Read more

Brock Purdy leads San Francisco 49ers to blowout win over Buccaneers

Brock Purdy and the Niners blew out the Bucs in a statement game.Photo: Getty Images The San Francisco 49ers have become the scariest team in the NFL over the last seven weeks of the season. On Sunday, the Niners continued to invoke their dominance over the NFC by shutting down and nearly shutting out Tom … Read more

Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens win

Zeke Elliot celebrates after scoring TD that gives Cowboys a win over lowly Texans.Image: Getty Images There were a handful of upsets in Week 14, but for the most part, chalk held up. The teams that were expected to win, and also contend in the playoffs, held serve during the final week of byes in … Read more

Don’t expect NFL’s Odell Beckham Jr. to play regular season games

The odds we’re going to see OBJ this year are quickly diminishing.Image: Getty Images The free agency of Odell Beckham Jr. began with the energy of a 10-figure lottery jackpot. Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer reported in early November that Beckham would soon be fully cleared to play, and also that he expected there to be … Read more