Two-faced Nicola Sturgeon is a danger to Nato

Critics have already described Nicola Sturgeon’s address on Nato membership to a US audience this week as “delusional”. But there is another epithet worth using with this opportunistic politician, whose enthusiasm for the Western alliance has only emerged since Vladimir Putin’s forces invaded Ukraine. And that is: two-faced. Her words were stunning in their hypocrisy, … Read more

Sweden and Finland made ‘grave mistake’ in deciding to join Nato, warns Russia

Sweden and Finland have made a serious mistake in deciding to join Nato, Russia said, as it warned Moscow would take measures to respond to the Nordic nations ditching their military neutrality. “This is another grave mistake with far-reaching consequences,” deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov said, “the general level of military tensions will increase.” “They … Read more

Vladimir Putin warns Finland it would be ‘a mistake’ to join Nato

One Russian lawmaker went as far as threatening Finland with nuclear attack if it joined Nato and warned that Moscow’s “absolutely legitimate goal” would be “to question the very existence of this state”. “They are going to become a target for the Russian military, this is for sure,” said Alexei Zhuravlyov, a pro-Kremlin politician. He … Read more

Vladimir Putin has made his biggest blunder yet

If anybody doubted Vladimir Putin’s capacity for miscalculation, the decision of Finland to apply for Nato membership, almost certainly to be followed by Sweden, is probably his biggest blunder yet. Let’s be clear what this means. Both countries want to join Nato, not because they fear any imminent Russian attack but because they believe that … Read more