Legalising the surveillance state? – The Hindu BusinessLine

Both in the world of start-ups and software development, iteration is a good thing. In fact, it is the only way to go: build, test, rebuild, test, and so on. The version of Java running on my laptop, for instance, is Version 8, Build 351. When it was introduced, it revolutionised the world of computing … Read more

Your Google Searches Are Quietly Evolving. Here’s What’s Next

Changes to the way Google handles search rankings are intended to push up content from real people, not content farms optimizing content for search engines, and that works in tandem with other efforts like improving results for product-review pages, Sullivan says. Not that there’s anything wrong with SEO, the practice of optimizing web pages so … Read more

Autonomous Vehicles Join the List of US National Security Threats

Amid rising concerns about China’s growing international data collection apparatus, a newly divided US Congress is applying fresh scrutiny to the possibility that imported Chinese technology could be a Trojan horse. In a letter to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, shared exclusively with WIRED, Representative August Pfluger asks some tough questions as to whether … Read more

A Destabilizing Hack-and-Leak Operation Hits Moldova

It was a truly wild week in the tech industry as new details emerged about the FTX cryptocurrency exchange’s collapse and Elon Musk drove an ever-increasing number of Twitter employees out of the company. Cryptocurrency tracers have been scrambling to understand what happened to nearly half a billion dollars worth of cryptocurrency that was pulled … Read more

Here’s How Bad a Twitter Mega-Breach Would Be

“Twitter has seemingly neglected security for a very long time, and with all the changes, there is risk for sure,” says David Kennedy, CEO of the incident response firm TrustedSec, who formerly worked at the NSA and with the United States Marine Corps signal intelligence unit. “There’s a lot of work to be done to … Read more

Elon Musk gives Europe’s digital watchdogs their biggest test yet – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article Voiced by artificial intelligence. After Elon Musk bought Twitter — and fired almost anyone whose job it was to deal with regulators — the social networking giant is now facing a flood of legal challenges across the European Union. The question now is whether the EU’s watchdogs can … Read more

They’re appalled that we would bare all in our own yard

Dear Amy: My husband and I are having a hot tub delivered soon. We plan to use it during daylight hours without wearing swimwear. Yes, nude! We have neighbors, about 40 feet away, who could see us if they choose to — in the tub or going from our patio door 20 feet to the … Read more

Telehealth Sites Put Addiction Patient Data at Risk

Lisa McLaughlin, co-CEO of WorkIt Health, says her company “is committed to creating a safe place for our members to receive discreet and accessible virtual care.” A representative for Confidant Health echoes that the company recognizes the importance of privacy in SUD care and will “continue to adhere to HIPAA and similar legislation as well … Read more