Antonio Inoki leaves behind a legacy that rivals any in combat sports

RIP. An absolute legendImage: Getty Images There’s not an athlete in combat-sports history with a bigger influence than Antonio Inoki. How many other professional wrestlers have a common opponent in Superman? Inoki is one degree of separation from Clark Kent because of his 1976 fight against Muhammad Ali, then the WBC and WBA heavyweight champion … Read more

AEW’s Jamie Hayter desperately needs Tony Khan to give her a push

Jamie Hayter has gotten over despite playing second fiddle to Dr. Britt BakerScreenshot: All Elite Wrestling For those of us hoping that Saraya’s arrival in the AEW women’s division would signal an instant uptick in the time allotted, a dedication to new stories and feuds, and just an overall feeling of momentum, well…we’re still kind … Read more

AEW’s Chris Jericho is new Ring of Honor champion

The Ocho!Screenshot: All Elite Wrestling There was this internet pipe dream back in 2007. This little company with a cult independent following called Ring of Honor finally became popular enough to appear on television. It happened to be in the form of a taped pay-per-view called Respect is Earned, a live event held in New … Read more

Ex-WWE star Saraya, formerly Paige, debuts in AEW

SarayaScreenshot: AEW No…not that one. Though it’s a good one, if the movie was a touch of WWE propaganda. We’ll get back to this. It has been a rare occurrence that after an AEW show, the women’s division was creating the most buzz. It’s even rarer after a big AEW show, which Grand Slam most … Read more

Dwight Howard has open WWE invite extended by Triple H

Dwight HowardPhoto: Getty Images Whenever NBA star Dwight Howard decides to officially hang up his basketball sneakers, he may already have his next career endeavor waiting on him. The 36-year-old Howard, who’s currently a free agent, had a WWE tryout over the summer and apparently impressed during his session. New WWE head man, Paul “HHH” … Read more

MJF is stealing the AEW title tonight at Grand Slam, isn’t he?

Will MJF be AEW champ after Grand Slam?Screenshot: AEW There’s a pretty famous clip of Kevin Owens, back in his indie days as Kevin Steen and in the original “Kevin Steen Show,” where he tells a hilarious story about playing with his wrestling toys. I won’t spoil it for you, watch this until the end: … Read more