Heads roll in Ukraine graft purge, but defense chief Reznikov rejects rumors he’s out – POLITICO

KYIV — Heads are rolling in President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s expanding purge against corruption in Ukraine, but Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov is denying rumors that he’s destined for the exit — a move that would be viewed as a considerable setback for Kyiv in the middle of its war with Russia. Two weeks ago, Ukraine was … Read more

Popular HR and Payroll Company Sequoia Discloses a Data Breach

The human resources, payroll, and benefits management company Sequoia said in disclosures to customers at the beginning of the month that it detected unauthorized access to a cloud storage repository that contained an array of sensitive and personal data related to the company’s Sequoia One customers.  Sequoia notified both its corporate customers and the individual … Read more

US NATO ambassador ‘not worried’ for the alliance if Trump returns – POLITICO

The U.S. ambassador to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Julianne Smith, said she was “not worried” about former President Donald Trump’s possible return to the White House. “The NATO alliance enjoys deep bipartisan support across Congress and amongst the American people,” Smith said Wednesday during the annual POLITICO 28 ranking gala. “And I’m not worried. … Read more

Stampede at Indonesia football match leaves 125 dead – POLITICO

At least 125 people have died and more are being treated for injuries following a stampede at a football stadium in Java, Indonesia, on Saturday night, according to media reports.   Authorities revised lower an earlier figure of 174 deaths. The match was between two of Indonesia’s biggest teams, the rival Javanese clubs Arema and Persebaya … Read more

How the far-right got out of the doghouse – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article European far-right politicians just stormed to victory in Italy, after achieving historic results in France and Sweden. “Everywhere in Europe, people aspire to take their destiny back into their own hands!” said Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s far-right National Rally Party.  But if you think there … Read more

Are You a Victim of Crypto Crime? Good Luck Getting Help

Most day-to-day crime-fighting gets done at the local level, but when it comes to crypto crime, local law enforcement is not prepared to pick up the slack. Many smaller municipalities don’t have online reporting options, which means you’ll have to talk to a human being—who could decline to write up a report if they don’t … Read more

A Matrix Update Patches Serious End-to-End Encryption Flaws

Developers of the open source Matrix messenger protocol have released an update to fix critical end-to-end encryption vulnerabilities that subvert the confidentiality and authentication guarantees that have been key to the platform’s meteoric rise. Matrix is a sprawling ecosystem of open source and proprietary chat and collaboration clients and servers that are fully interoperable. The … Read more

Microsoft Exchange Server Has a Zero-Day Problem

There were global ripples in tech policy this week as VPN providers were forced to pull out of India as the country’s new data collection law takes hold, and UN countries prepare to elect a new head of the International Telecommunications Union—a key internet standards body. After explosions and damage to the Nord Stream gas … Read more

The Challenge of Cracking Iran’s Internet Blockade

Some communication services have systems in place for attempting to skirt digital blockades. The secure messaging app Signal, for example, offers tools so people around the world can set up proxy servers that securely relay Signal traffic to bypass government filters. Proxy service has previously only been available for Signal on Android, but the platform … Read more