Philadelphia Eagles and all teams should be outlawed from wearing black

Eagles QB Jalen Hurts sporting the Bird’s black alternate jersey.Image: Getty Images The Philadelphia Eagles’ black alternates are stupid. There’s a lot that’s stupid about the Eagles, and I recognize the risk of making that statement when they’re 10-1 and their faithful lurk around every corner with a thought to share, but one cannot ignore … Read more

Deion Sanders offered Colorado football head coaching job

Could we see Deion in Colorado?Image: AP It’s a comedic style we’ve seen in Hollywood plenty over the years. The fish-out-of-water mentality. Pluck the main character from their established world and place them into a weird situation where any semblance of normality is gone. Legally Blonde nails it. So does The Jerk. My favorite of … Read more

Matt Rhule walks into a buzzsaw at Nebraska

Matt RhulePhoto: Getty Images It’ll be interesting to see if the day ever comes when the hiring of a new coach at Nebraska is met with a cavalier attitude. “Well, shit, why not him?” is only uttered when the university names a men’s basketball coach. That’s why Matt Rhule is starting in a trailing position … Read more

Jimmy Garoppolo throws 4 TDs in San Francisco 49ers MNF win

4-TD Jimmy GImage: Getty Images It has been a while since Jimmy Garoppolo threw four touchdown passes in a single game. The last time was Dec. 8, 2019. That day, Garoppolo went toe to toe with Drew Brees, and won 48-46 at the Superdome. That was the game that changed the minds of many who … Read more

Heisman Hopefuls heading into Rivalry Week

We’ve reached rivalry week of the college football season. Just one game remains before conference championships, so it’s now or never for the top teams in the nation. In less than two weeks, the Heisman finalists will be announced, and just a few days after that, we’ll have our winner. So with one (or two … Read more

Las Vegas Raiders file for Win City trademark

When we think of winning, we definitely think of the Raiders.Image: Getty Images In the oxymoronic move of the month, the Las Vegas Raiders have filed for a new trademark that doesn’t exactly match their current situation. Darren Rovell tweeted about the trademark that is set to become a new slogan for the team. Win … Read more

Buffalo Bills need reliable rushing offense for deep playoff run

Josh AllenImage: Getty Images A couple’s ability to get along when they’re marooned away from home due to travel issues is an indication of the strength (or weakness) of their bond. External turmoil forges or breaks a relationship, and this hastily written analogy is where the Bills are at as a team and in real … Read more

Ryan Leaf makes fun of Jets for drafting ‘Mormon Ryan Leaf’ Zach Wilson

Mormon Ryan LeafPhoto: Getty Images Jets fans have not had a good week. As Al Michaels once so elegantly put it, “They’ve had a worse week than Harvey Weinstein.” First, their offense gets obliterated by the New England Patriots’ defense. Yet, by some miracle, the Jets were still in the game down to the final … Read more

Sean Payton is haunting NFL coaches on the hot seat

Sean PaytonPhoto: Getty Images It’s rare to read scuttlebutt about which job a coach wants. The job market for unemployed coaches typically works the other way around. Jobs open up, a slew of coaching candidates cram into the interview lobby. Sean Payton is in a unique position where he can call the shots. Payton is … Read more

Jets’ Zach Wilson and Saints’ Jameis Winston are studies in athlete entitlement

Zach WilsonPhoto: Getty Images Nearly 10 years after the ButtFumble, a next generation Jets quarterback is fumbling his job away and coming across like a buttface in the process. There was no escape for the Jets quarterback on Sunday or afterwards. Based on reports from Jets insiders such as Rich Cimini, the Jets’ fractured locker … Read more