New England Patriots WR DeVante Parker concussed on MNF

DeVante Parker being helped off the fieldImage: Getty Images A player signaling for medical help for an injured teammate is nothing new. Lawrence Taylor called for it after he saw what did to an opponent’s leg. Yes, some players work themselves into a frothing-at-the-mouth frenzy to psychologically prepare themselves for the physical battle they are … Read more

Sports writers aren’t going to lose their jobs to AI just yet

AI predicted that the Kansas City Chiefs will win the Super Bowl — thanks to Tyreek Hill, who isn’t on the team anymoreImage: Getty Images Technology is terrifying. That’s why I still do all my research via newspaper and all my math by abacus. However, when I heard about an AI that could write professional-level … Read more

Week 14 NFL Powerless Ranking: These teams are looking ahead to the draft

It’s time to check in on the teams that can’t get out of their own way. We’re coming up on the home stretch of the 2022 NFL season, and much of it has been unpredictable, but there are always a few teams we expect to disappoint their fan base. Now let’s get into the Powerless … Read more

It’s Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts for NFL MVP

Illustration: Getty Images The MVP discussion has been whittled down to an A and B conversation between Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts. Joe Burrow is eavesdropping, but in the final quarter of the season, he is on the outside looking in. As things currently stand, Mahomes occupies the B slot in this race as Hurts … Read more

Brock Purdy leads San Francisco 49ers to blowout win over Buccaneers

Brock Purdy and the Niners blew out the Bucs in a statement game.Photo: Getty Images The San Francisco 49ers have become the scariest team in the NFL over the last seven weeks of the season. On Sunday, the Niners continued to invoke their dominance over the NFC by shutting down and nearly shutting out Tom … Read more

Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens win

Zeke Elliot celebrates after scoring TD that gives Cowboys a win over lowly Texans.Image: Getty Images There were a handful of upsets in Week 14, but for the most part, chalk held up. The teams that were expected to win, and also contend in the playoffs, held serve during the final week of byes in … Read more

Will USC’s Caleb Williams or Lincoln Riley jump to the NFL first?

Let the NFL countdown begin.Image: Getty Images To the surprise of very few college football fans, Caleb Williams lifted the Heisman Trophy on Saturday night. The USC quarterback finished with 4,075 yards, 47 total touchdowns, and just four interceptions, all while leading his team to within a win of the College Football Playoff. Of all … Read more

Jets fans are right to think the world is against them, says new study

Image: Getty Images The Jets are a poverty franchise. They haven’t been to the playoffs since 2010. I don’t care what the outlook for the team is, until they win a playoff game, my stance on the matter isn’t changing. There’s reason to be optimistic given Robert Saleh’s solid start as head coach, Breece Hall’s … Read more

Jimmy Garoppolo could return to the field in six weeks

Jimmy GaroppoloPhoto: Getty Images It’s Wednesday, Dec. 7, and there is still no clear picture of the timeline for Jimmy Garoppolo’s return to the field. On Sunday, his season was declared over. Just like Trey Lance in Week 2, Garoppolo’s foot got rolled up while being tackled. Lance suffered a broken ankle, and the fracture … Read more