The most notable sports moments of the first half of 2023

Photo: AP That damn hockey. No. 8 seeds advancing is far more common in the NHL than MLB and most certainly the NBA. Still, the Panthers didn’t qualify for the playoffs until the final moments of the regular season. They then launched the President’s Cup curse at the Boston Bruins like the stinger from Mortal … Read more

The party gets serious at annual Bettingpalooza

After the initial head-first dive into the markets, sports betting operators and states have come to an in-between space where unmitigated enthusiasm has consequences. Best prop bets for Super Bowl 57 Take recent headlines, where Alabama coach Brian Bohannon was fired, numerous college players in Iowa are being investigated for sports betting, or in the … Read more

Howie Roseman’s Eagles draft performance sets standard for NFL GMs

The bully on the block in the NFL is Howie Roseman. Other NFL general managers need to hide under their desks when he calls, because he is coming for their lunch money. For the second consecutive NFL Draft, Roseman has used the three days to significantly upgrade his roster both with rookie, and veteran talent. … Read more

Lamar Jackson, Ravens drama ends with 5-year contract extension

After months of back and forth, the Ravens finally paid their man, signing star quarterback Lamar Jackson to a reported five-year, $260 million contract extension. The deal makes the former MVP the highest-paid player in league history, eclipsing Jalen Hurts’ new deal with the Eagles. Josina Anderson is reporting that $185 million is guaranteed. Only … Read more

The 20 best NFL nicknames today

Photo: AP Javon Hargrave puts QBs in the dirt. That’s easily explained and one of the more appropriate nicknames based on his play and last name. Playing on the defensive line is about asserting your will over an opponent. Sometimes that means intimidation. A name like “gravedigger” speaks for itself. “When I first got to … Read more

ESPN in crosshairs as Disney starts laying off 7,000 employees

Hard economic times have come for ESPN and its parent company — Disney. Like many companies, Disney is doing some downsizing. There have been rumors for a while and returning CEO Bob Iger dropped the hammer when he sent out a memo in which he states that the company is beginning the process of laying … Read more

NFL owners won’t flex TNF games, teams can play more than 1

It’s never a good sign when John Mara, the answer to the question of what would happen if George Will ate paste, is the voice of reason. But that’s where the NFL, and Roger Goodell, found themselves at the owners’ meetings yesterday. Somehow, the owners were able to resist the urge to flex Thursday night … Read more

NFL Media drops Jim Trotter, who asked tough questions

At a time in which the NFL has become a Teflon juggernaut despite its glaring issues, and in a moment in which those on the left, right, and the middle are calling for fairness and balance, Monday morning was an example of why those desires are rarely fulfilled. For the last two years, veteran NFL … Read more

Ex-NFLer Derek Wolfe says he microdosed mushrooms before games

Make room, Lawrence Taylor, there’s a new contender for the most drug-riddled in-game experience. While Derek Wolfe was nowhere near the human wrecking ball that LT was, his pregame cocktail of mushrooms and Adderall is a modernized, and tempered, version of the cocaine-fueled stories that came out of the Giants’ locker room in the ’80s. … Read more

NFL Pro Days need to stop being glorified by pundits

Before there was Hudl and YouTube, there were VHS cassettes. And before that, film. Studying and watching footage of your opponent, yourself, or a prospect has always been a vital part of sports. There’s nothing like seeing what someone does against live competition and the variables that occur during a game. But, due to America’s … Read more