The Twitter Bubble Let Democrats Defy Political Gravity

There is a wholly self-contained ecosystem of far-right influencers and followers on Twitter and Facebook. We know the ecosystem spreads disinformation and prejudice, but less thought is given to how it creates phantom movements—where a few motivated obsessives can make a cause appear far more popular than it really is. Time and again, research has … Read more

Anita Sarkeesian Hates Talking About Gamergate—but She Has To

If you’d like to debate Anita Sarkeesian about whether or not male privilege exists, we’ll make this easy for you: She’s not interested. It’s been a decade since her groundbreaking web series, Tropes vs. Women in Video Games, kicked off a firestorm of discussion and criticism around the treatment of female characters. It’s been almost … Read more

How to ‘Quiet Quit’ Elon Musk’s Twitter

And for the love of God, don’t blindly take voting advice from Elon Musk. Take a Walk on the Decentralized Side Twitter may be much smaller than other social media sites, but it plays an outsize role in public discourse. It’s centralized: You log in and are torpedoed into one endless, messy timeline, where political … Read more

Twitter Users Flock to Other Platforms as the Elon Musk Era Begins

A week before Elon Musk closed his $44 billion Twitter deal, Cassie LaBelle, a writer who is part of a transgender community on Twitter, started a Discord server. “I don’t know if Musk is gonna buy & destroy Twitter or not,” she wrote, but she hoped her server would be an interesting experiment. Beyond that, … Read more

Subway removes Russell Wilson signature sandwich from menu

He also likes to live, dangerouslyScreenshot: dangerusswilson/Subway Was it internet trolls or just a limited-time option? Denver Bronco QB Russell Wilson’s signature sandwich, the “Dangerwich,” is no longer available to customers — though not because of backlash from the cringe-inducing ads, according to TMZ Sports. Apparently, the chain needed to make way for new items, … Read more

Tech Companies Are Reconsidering an Old Enemy

As the midterm election season kicks into high gear, platforms across the web will begin rolling out enhanced protections to guard against digital threats to the democratic process. While every platform has different policies and approaches—from warnings and educational reminders at the top of news feeds to limitations on replies and reposts—a common strategy lies … Read more

Bogus Fears of Censorship Could Spell the End of Content Moderation

Hi, everyone. Glad to hear from Joe Biden that the pandemic is over. But who’s going to tell the coronavirus? The Plain View The linguist George Lakoff is famous for his theory of “framing” in political speech. The words people use to describe an issue can end a debate even before the speechifying begins. “Framing … Read more

Telegram Has a Serious Doxing Problem

Burmese influencer Han Nyein Oo rose to prominence in 2020, posting memes and gossip about Burmese celebrities on Facebook to an audience that grew to several hundred thousand people in Myanmar by early 2021. Then, after the country’s military seized power that February, he lurched rightwards, becoming a full-blooded supporter of the junta, which has … Read more