Cleveland Browns star racked up speeding tickets before crash

He’s 100 Myles Per Hour.Image: Getty Images There’s a thin line between bad luck and stupidity, and the Cleveland Browns straddle it as well as any “cursed” team. The loss to the Jets in Week 2 epitomized this as the rate of a successful onside kick in the NFL is less than 20 (bad luck), … Read more

Brett Favre got caught red handed and nobody cares

Boooooooooo!Image: Getty Images Newsflash: As much as you love them, dogs aren’t humans. And as much as it might have infuriated you, asking the police to do their job isn’t a fireable offense that should get you blackballed in your industry. But that’s not how it works in America. In this country, you’ll get more … Read more

US Lawmakers Push Tech Firms on Abortion Benefits for Gig Workers

When the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June, many technology companies assured employees that they would help those who needed to travel to another state to access abortion care. But at some companies, one major segment of their workforces remained shut out: gig workers. Today, a group of 25 Democratic members of … Read more

California Voted for Cheaper Uber and Lyft Rides. It May Have Hurt Drivers

In 2020, California voters approved Proposition 22, a law that app-based companies including Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash said would improve worker conditions while keeping rides and deliveries cheap and abundant for consumers. But a report published today suggests that rideshare drivers in the state have instead seen their effective hourly wage decline compared to what … Read more