AstraZeneca Puts Up $200M in Solid Bet on Startup’s Take on Cancer Cell Therapy

Cell therapy has broken new therapeutic ground, but the progress of this drug class in blood cancers has yet to be realized in solid tumors. Big pharmaceutical companies and upstart biotechs are trying various approaches to broaden the scope of these cancer treatments and AstraZeneca is now joining them by buying a startup with technology … Read more

DispatchHealth Looks To Expand In-home Care With More Than $330M in Financing

About $4 trillion is spent annually on the healthcare industry in the U.S., and will likely top $6 trillion by 2028. A large chunk of this money is for care in traditional brick and mortar facilities, said DispatchHealth CEO Dr. Mark Prather. That’s why the company offers a different model, he said in an interview. … Read more

Nvidia Aims to Simplify AI Adoption Process for Cincinnati Children’s, UCSF

Nvidia, a company primarily known for gaming, designs graphics processing units that it hopes will serve as the basis for many of healthcare’s AI technologies. The technology company unveiled new tools to accelerate AI in healthcare on Monday at RSNA 2022, the annual radiology and medical imaging conference in Chicago. These tools are called Monai … Read more

A multifaceted approach to improve cancer treatment and care

As a member of the cancer research community who has dedicated her professional career to studying and fighting cancer, I am starkly aware of the devastating impact of this disease as it continues to be the second leading cause of death globally. At the same time, I am incredibly encouraged by the work being done … Read more

A Dose of Innovation – MedCity News

The pace of innovation in healthcare is increasing thanks to a powerful convergence of science and technologies experiencing accelerating progress. As gene sequencing, machine learning, powerful imaging, sensors, gene and cell therapies make their way out of academic labs into everyday healthcare, our approach to healthcare is changing. For the first time, not only can … Read more

Report: Average Monthly Premiums for MA Plans Up First Time in 4 Years

The average monthly premium for Medicare Advantage plans increased to $7 in the first half of the Medicare Annual Open Enrollment period this year, representing the first increase in four years, a new report showed. Monthly premium averages were in the $4 to $5 range the last three years. The eHealth report relies on data … Read more

2 Changes Siddhartha Mukherjee Is Calling for in Cancer Care

Earlier this year, President Joe Biden revived Cancer Moonshot, a lofty effort to tackle the disease that is currently the second leading cause of death in the U.S. The initiative seeks to reduce the country’s cancer death rate by at least half over the next 25 years, as well as “improve the experience of people and … Read more

Roche Withdraws Immunotherapy in U.S. for Bladder Cancer After Failed Study

Roche drug Tecentriq has become a blockbuster product with approvals spanning several types of cancer. Bladder cancer will no longer be one of them. The pharma giant is pulling the product from the U.S. in that indication after it failed a study needed to retain its approval status. In a statement issued Tuesday, Roche said … Read more

Hospitals Can’t Afford to Lag Behind on Cloud Adoption, Microsoft Exec Argues

Historically, healthcare has trailed other industries when it comes to the adoption of new technology — often by decades. But providers that fail to get serious about bucking this trend are putting their businesses at risk for closure. That was the message from John Barto, Microsoft’s chief digital transformation officer for its health and life sciences … Read more

CinCor Hypertension Drug Flunks Study, But the Biotech Still Sees a Phase 3 Path

A CinCor Pharma drug intended to offer a novel alternative to currently available hypertension treatments has failed a Phase 2 study. Nevertheless, CinCor points to better results in a pre-specified subgroup of patients representative of many hypertension patients. While the biotech firm contends the data will guide the design of a study that could support … Read more