Memphis Grizzlies New Orleans Pelicans top 2 Western Conference

Zion Williamson (l.) and Ja MorantImage: Getty Images The Golden State Warriors lost again last night. On Tuesday, the Phoenix Suns dropped a game to the lowly Houston Rockets for the second time this month. Those two wins account for 22.2 percent of the Rockets’ victories this season. The Denver Nuggets have a decent grip … Read more

Chris Paul is going to lose any argument that’s anti Zion Williamson dunking

Zion in winter.Image: Getty Images The NBA season is nearly one-third over, and the team with the best record in the Western Conference is… the New Orleans Pelicans. They have the highest average point differential of any team in the conference by almost two points, outscoring teams by 7.1 points per outing. The team with … Read more