Moog’s New Theramin Etherwave Still Makes Far-Out Sounds

One of the coolest instruments I’ve played this year requires a small history lesson: In 1949, in a small home in Queens, New York, a 14-year-old boy named Robert Moog put together his first-ever theremin. He had been obsessed with the antenna-controlled electronic instrument, a touchless electromagnetic device that had been invented by accident just … Read more

Roland Juno-X Review: A Nostalgic Workhorse

Some sounds never die. Whether it’s classic rock guitarists coveting decades-old guitars and amps or Mac DeMarco messing with ’80s Casio keyboards, there’s something about vintage sounds that goes beyond nostalgia. Old guitars, synths, amps, and drums have a certain tone that we haven’t necessarily moved past. It could be the slight analog distortion, age … Read more

Cliffset’s Portable Silverware Set Has a Built-In Dishwasher

There’s a dilemma every city dweller faces eventually: Where’s the fork? Let’s say that after a meeting, you finally manage to find the one falafel stand that’s an oasis in the food desert of the financial district. The gods smile, and you score an $8 falafel platter. This is why you live in a city, … Read more

The Bote Dock Hangout 240 Turns Every Gathering Into a Pool Party

The magnetic attachment is shockingly strong—you could throw an (empty) tumbler from 10 feet away and have it snap upright into place. You also don’t have to buy into any of its magnetic attachments at all—we customized ours by just using webbing and carabiners to tie drugstore floaties and stand-up paddleboards to the side.  Once … Read more

Filson’s Ballistic Nylon Duffle Pack Really Is the Greatest Bag Ever Made

Filson also has seen fit to provide an expandable, waterproof liner in one of the cavernous side pockets, so you can separate wet gear from dry. If you’re on a weekend trip, going to the gym or swimming pool, out hiking, or dealing with young children’s mishaps, this is not a pocket, it is a … Read more

Upgrade Your Motorcycle Helmet—With a Bluetooth Headset

Lately, I’ve been hearing voices. They tell me all sorts of useful information, such as where to go and how to get there. Don’t worry, all of this precisely stops when I take off my motorcycle helmet. That’s because it’s Bluetooth connected, and I love that I can keep my smartphone in my pocket while … Read more

Fender American Vintage II 1961 Stratocaster Review: Closet Classic

Vintage guitars are expensive because most people who play guitar grew up hearing them, seeing them on TV, and dreaming of owning a real one someday. This fact has bolstered many brands into the 21st century, but few as much as California’s Fender, whose iconic Stratocaster is likely the image you have in your head … Read more