Iran’s World Cup Team Shuns National Anthem to Back Protests

At other sporting events, Iranian teams have also taken a stand. The men’s water polo team refused to sing during the Islamic Republic’s anthem at an event on Nov. 8. Iranian sportswomen have competed unveiled at international tournaments, for the first time in decades, drawing the ire of authorities. 

Musk Fires More Twitter Sales Workers After ‘Hardcore’ Purge

Twitter’s sales organization held an all-hands meeting on Sunday with Musk and the new head of sales, Chris Riedy, two people said. Many employees showed up expecting some announcement about cuts, after Bloomberg reported Saturday that more were coming. Instead, Musk used the time to talk about ongoing updates, including his decision to reinstate the … Read more

US Defense Chief Warns About Potential Nuclear Spiral

A vehicle transports a RS-24 Yars strategic nuclear missile along a street during a Victory Day rehearsal in Moscow, Russia, on Wednesday, June 17, 2020. Russian President Vladimir Putin postponed the traditional May 9 parade in April because of the coronavirus.

UK Incomes Set for Record Drop

(Bloomberg) — Britons are about to experience a record drop in disposable incomes as Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt raises taxes and cuts spending to clean up an economy already in recession. The UK program represents the sharpest retrenchment in government spending since the austerity budgets set out after the global financial crisis. The … Read more