TENGGER Releases New Album ‘Earthling’: Listen

The Pan-Asian family band TENGGER is back with their seventh album, just in time for spring. (Maybe they should tour with Weezer?) earthling believes the Seoul-based group continues to excel in new age/environmental sounds, blending active keyboard melodies with wordless vocals and more meditative, booming notes. On Bandcamp, they shared this quote about how the beauty of nature was once again a central source of inspiration:

Staying at Studio Kyurt in the highlands, hiking nearby, climbing mountains, gazing at waterfalls or reaching the ocean, we observed many things. And then we could receive the message from nature: “Nothing is divided and we are all connected in the circulation of life.” and we could make this album in nature. With respect to “Now”, the time that lives with sharing the message with you all audiences through music.

Flow earthling below.

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