The 20 Best Moments In RRR, Ranked By How Much We Can’t Believe What We Saw

What makes this moment stand out is not what happens but how it happens. On the drive to Bheem’s hanging, the Governor discovers that Raju is planning to break Bheem out and escape. He has rigged a tree to fall down and crush the Governor’s car, but the Governor notices this just in the nick of time. The tree falls onto the hood of the car, propelling him into the air. While in mid-air, the Governor grabs his rifle, aims, and shoots Raju’s car. From just one shot, that car takes to the air, flipping several times over its side like it was on a ramp, and sends Raju and Malli flying, with Raju getting non-fatally impaled by a jutting tree stump.

While the car flipping could be the most exaggerated moment of the sequence, I want to focus on the Governor. Ray Stevenson’s character essentially floats in the air for this moment to work as effectively as it does. All of the fanciful, slow-motion enhanced images of power have been exclusively reserved for Raju and Bheem. This is the one time the Governor gets in on the action, and it perfectly demonstrates what a formidable force he, and by proxy, the British imperialists, can be. With one blow, he can destroy everything they have worked for. The whipping scene is obviously more emotionally wrenching, but this moment is the one where you almost feel the most helpless, which is a wonderful dramatic choice by Rajamouli.

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