The Academy formally begins disciplinary proceedings against Will Smith – he faces possible “suspension, expulsion or other sanctions allowed”

If you thought the blow heard around the world was over, you are absolutely wrong. Days after Will Smith unexpectedly punched Chris Rock at this year’s Oscars – the Academy has officially started disciplinary proceedings against him… and Will faces some very serious consequences.

@Variety reports that the Academy Awards Board of Governors recently issued a emergency meeting to discuss the fallout Will Smith faces after his attack on Chris Rock onstage during this year’s Oscar broadcast. One of the serious consequences he faces is “suspension, expulsion or other sanctions allowed.” Referring to the Academy’s statutes, the board will make an official “decision on appropriate action for Mr. Smith” at its next meeting on April 18. This latest development follows an earlier letter from Academy Awards President David Rubin and Academy CEO Dawn Hudson, sent to the entire Board of Members, saying they were “outraged” by Will Smith’s actions.

It was further noted by the Academy that Will refused to leave the building. “We would like to clarify that Mr Smith was asked to leave the ceremony and declined, we also recognize that we could have handled the situation differently,” it said. That’s not all, as the Academy also released a lengthy statement about the disciplinary process highlighted by a formal apology to Chris Rock. “Mr. Smith’s actions at the 94th Oscars were a deeply shocking, traumatic event to witness personally and on television. Mr. Rock, we apologize for what you experienced on our stage and thank you for your resilience at that time. We also apologize to our nominees, guests and viewers for what happened during what should have been a celebratory event,” the statement read in part.

The rest of the Academy statement outlined the full process that will happen as it decides how Will Smith is disciplined:

The Board of Directors today initiated disciplinary proceedings against Mr. Smith for violating the Academy’s standards of conduct, including inappropriate physical contact, abusive or threatening behavior, and endangering the integrity of the Academy.

In accordance with the Academy’s Standards of Conduct and California law, Mr. Smith has at least 15 days’ notice to vote on his violations and sanctions, and will be given the opportunity to be heard beforehand through a written response. At the next board meeting on April 18, the Academy may take disciplinary action, including suspension, expulsion, or other sanctions permitted by statute and standards of conduct.

As we previously reported, Will Smith posted an apology on Instagram for his physical assault on Chris Rock, but despite previous reports, the two have not spoken about the incident.

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