The Dodgers Can Go After An All-Time Record In 2023

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At 108-48, the Los Angeles Dodgers are MLB’s best team by a mile.

Over the course of a long season, there isn’t a team that comes remotely close.

Only the 102-54 Houston Astros have gotten at least 100 wins in addition to LA, and yet they are six games behind.

The Dodgers have built quite an empire, but it’s not just money: there is a lot of research, analytics, scouting, numbers, stats, and talent evaluators.

The most impressive thing is that they all seem to pull to the same side: the internal communication and how aligned everyone is with the organizational goals is truly outstanding.

You don’t win 108 games by coincidence.

The Dodgers won 106 last year, and have 108 in 2022.

That equals 214 wins, which is the third-most over a two-year sample in MLB history.

“Most wins, 2-year span: 1906-07 Cubs: 223, 1969-70 Orioles: 217, ** 2021-22 Dodgers: 214 **” MLB stats expert Sarah Langs tweeted.


The Dodgers Could Go For The Record Next Year

The Dodgers still have a handful of games left in the 2022 regular season.

Leapfrogging the 1969-70 Orioles is a possibility this year.

Next year, however, they can go for the record, established by the 1906-07 Cubs.

It would be incredibly tough to achieve: they would need something like 112-113 wins depending on how many more victories they could get in the remaining 2022 series.

But if there is a team capable of shooting for regular-season records like that, it’s the Dodgers.

They have a strong farm, lots of good, young players under control, and the money to bring in (and retain) some free agents.

In other words, and with a little bit more luck on the injury front, they could be even better next year.

Watch out.

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