The Loop: Bruce Willis’ Shock Diagnosis, Shane Warne Said Goodbye, and NASA Discovers the Farthest Star Ever Seen

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Shane Warne’s children say they were lucky to have him as their father.

The state commemoration at the MCG gave the public a chance to say a proper goodbye to the cricketing giant, almost a month after his sudden death in Thailand at the age of 52.

Here are just a few key moments:

Action star Bruce Willis quits acting at age 67 after diagnosis of aphasia.

“Bruce has had some health issues and was recently diagnosed with aphasia, which is impacting his cognitive abilities,” Willis’s family wrote in an Instagram post Wednesday morning local time.

Aphasia can cause a person problems with their language or speech, and can also hinder a person’s reading, listening, typing or writing skills.

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  • Russian troops have the suburbs of Kiev and the besieged city of Chernihiv in northern Ukraine, a day after pledges to wind down operations there in what the West dismissed as a ploy by the invaders to regroup after suffering heavy casualties
  • Australian entertainment pioneer Ernie Caroll, best known as the puppeteer behind Hey Hey It’s Saturday character Ossie Ostrich, has died aged 92
  • Academy Awards Co-hosts Amy Schumer and Wanda Sykes sid they were became ill by Best Actor winner Will Smith on host Chris Rock at Sunday night’s ceremony

The news Australia is looking for

  • lismore — The Wilsons River at Lismore has reached its peak predictions below but stays above the city’s flood dikeand a search for a 55-year-old woman believed to be missing in floodwaters continues
  • 7.30 — It comes after Prime Minister Scott Morrison moved his interview with host Leigh Sales to next Tuesday instead of last night


The star Earendel, indicated by arrow
The star Earendel, is indicated by the arrow.NASA via AP

A NASA Astronaut Takes a Russian Ride Back to Earth an American record of 355 days in the International Space Stationwho returns with two cosmonauts to a war-torn world.


Mark Vande Hei landed in a Soyuz capsule in Kazakhstan alongside Anton Shkaplerov and Pyotr Dubrov of the Russian Space Agency, who have also spent the past year in space.

Despite mounting tensions between the US and Russia over Ukraine’s invasion of Ukraine, the American’s return went according to normal procedures.

A small NASA team of doctors and other personnel was on hand for the landing and planned to return to Houston immediately with the 55-year-old astronaut.

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