The music you listen to affects the range of your EV: study from Kia

Bestinau got that-

More specifically, the process concluded that classical music on the set list—Beethoven’s longish “Symphony No. 9” was used – accounting for about 7.7 percent of the EV6’s range, despite (because of its length) accounting for 32.5 percent. of the playlist. Clocking in at 171 BPM versus Beethoven’s 111 BPM, The Weeknd’s uptempo pop hit “Blinding Lights” made up 10.4 percent of the playlist, but accounted for 23.6 percent of the range used. And a soul ballad — in the form of Adele’s “Hello,” 79 BPM — was essentially neutral, accounting for 15.3 percent of the playlist and 13.3 percent of the range used. (It’s the slowest, yes, but also has some more emotional crescendos.)

Well, if there are two things that don’t lie, it’s numbers and hips (at least according to Shakira, who you should not what you listen to when your battery is low). So while it’s easy to get excited about your favorite fast tempo song, try to do it only when you have a full battery if you want to go further.

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