The Oscars of 2022 and a whole lot of other times Zendaya did her flawless makeup herself

Euphoria Star Zendaya may be an actress, producer, singer, and occasional dance competition judge, but she’s also an accomplished performer. Only her canvas is her own face, and no one paints it better than her.

The polymath revealed in her Instagram Stories (catch it before it disappears) that she did her own makeup for her performance at the Academy Awards on Sunday. She also revealed that her favorite brand is Lancome.

In a lyric across her Oscars red carpet snap, she wrote, “Occasionally I do my own beat.” Occasionally? Honestly, it seems like it is every time. She previously revealed that she did her own beat for multiple red carpet events, including the 2018 GQ Men of the Year Awards, and even her 2020 film Malcolm & Marie.

We love how she knows not only about blending and contouring, but also about the shine! The design! The perfect colors! Her Oscars makeup is definitely the hand of a pro.

Here are some of the best times Zendaya turned herself into Zenslaya.

Her Insta selfie from 2016

In 2016, she posted a selfie from home, where she sported blush colored lips, a sparkle above her eyes and flawless eyebrows. She captioned it, “I have to go do makeup tutorials.”

Why yes. Yes.

This red carpet from 2015

She captioned this photo on her IG with her own hashtag, “#beatbymuuuuaaa”, which she uses a lot, or a variation of it on many of her photos where she does her own beat. She told British Vogue about her foray into MUA: “Once I started working with makeup artists, I just looked at them. If I liked the way someone did my eyebrows, I’d just watch them do it and do it.” try at home.”

She continued, “Over time, learning to do my makeup was about taking different techniques and products from people I liked and putting them in my Rolodex. After that, it was a matter of trial and error. “I’d go out on the red carpet and look at pictures later. Sometimes I’d think, ‘Ooh, I look like a ghost,’ so next time I’d fix it. It’s really about trying, failing, and trying again.”

The iHeart Radio Awards 2016

Again with her hashtag “#beatbymuuaahh” we’re obsessed with her contouring here and angular style.

“I do pretty much all my own makeup now for events. It’s very therapeutic for me, especially if I’m ever stressed out before a press conference or a big event,” she told British Vogue. “There’s something about taking that time to just be with yourself. I find that very relaxing.”

This classic 1920s flapper look at the 2016 GLAAD Media Awards

No one does a smokey eye better than Zendaya, clearly. The hashtag “#beatbymuuaahh” is proof that she was paying attention when all the makeup artists on set were doing their thing.

This vibrant Euphoria-esque look that predates Euphoria

Yes, this look is really from 2016! Years before Z played in Euphoriashe single-handedly created psychedelic art on her face.

The premiere of Confirmation

This time captioning it with “#beatbymeeeeeeee” (it’s the same hashtag actually!), we can see her love for subtlety. She told British Vogue: “I’m a sucker for classic neutrals, you know, plain browns. They’re easier to mix, for example – you don’t have to be so precise. If you make a mistake, you can just add a little more. add, no problem.”

The GQ Men of the Year Awards 2018

Give Zendaya the Man of the Year Award for this look, please. The smoky eye… we can’t.

Malcolm & Marie

Red carpets were just the beginning! Zendaya now does her own makeup for movies. Sorry, but this woman can do anything.

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