The Queen’s Strict Royal Family Motto Meghan Markle Struggled With

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  • The Queen’s most famous mantra is believed to be one of the reasons Meghan Markle struggled with royal family life.

    The Queen’s famous saying “never complain, never explain” is something she has worn throughout her reign, staying silent and neutral in the face of many controversial times, according to her mother’s mantra.

    It’s something royal pundits argue would have made life within the royal fold particularly difficult for Meghan, as it meant she was unable to backfire on the negative press and social media trolling she was subjected to after she died. married Prince Harry.

    Prior to her new life in the royal spotlight, former Suits star Meghan was active on social media and had her own blog called The Tig, where she shared her thoughts and advice.

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    When she married Harry, she had to wipe the internet of her social media presence and part with that part of her life in order to abide by the royal rules.

    In 2019, shortly after Harry and Meghan tied the knot at St George’s Chapel in Windsor, royal pro Victoria Arbiter predicted that “never complain, never explain” would be problematic for the Duchess of Sussex, who spoke of her hardships within the Royal family. family in her and Harry’s iconic Oprah interview after they relinquished their duties and moved to LA.

    Victoria said at the time: “I really think she’s doing an incredible job. It’s really hard when you come from a celebrity background where a publicist can either stand up for you or come out and say ‘no, that message is absolutely false’.

    “But in general, members of the public follow the Queen Mother’s oft-heard mantra: ‘Never complain, never explain.’ And so you have to sit back while the media and social media of the world are just commenting.”

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