The Reason Deshaun Watson Didn’t Want To Be Traded To The Eagles

The Eagles had serious interest in Deshaun Watson and they had the proper ammunition to outbid another team to get him.

So why didn’t he end up in Philadelphia?

Because he was not willing to give up his trade ban to go to the City of Brotherly Love.

This is not news; it’s something that was originally reported back in August 2021.

But why exactly did Watson not want to come to Philadelphia?

Originally it was said that he really wanted to go to Miami. But the dolphins were out of his market after the firing of Brian Flores.

Then it was said that Watson, a native of Georgia, only wanted to play in the south. But that wasn’t proven true by his willingness to play for the Cleveland Browns.

It was said that Watson wanted to avoid the Philadelphia media market. And maybe there was some truth in that.

But the MAIN reason Watson didn’t want to go to Philadelphia?

His existing relationship with Jalen hurts.

John McMullen pointed to that reasoning in a column for PhillyVoice:

The interesting thing is why Watson has been so steadfast in his refusal to come to Philadelphia from start to finish in this entire saga. The principles aren’t released anytime soon, but the strong belief surrounding the league is that Watson’s dislike of the Eagles had to do with his loyalty to Jalen Hurts.

Sources familiar with Watson’s sentiments pointed to the relationship built between the two players in the off-season through working with the same QB coach, Quincy Avery.

I can tell you that this feeling is also one I’ve heard.

Many will view this development as positive, as it has meant that they don’t have to deal with the Eagles while Watson is on the team.

Others may be frustrated that the presence of a lesser quarterback kept the Eagles from improving.

The feeling here is that the Eagles weren’t exactly thrilled that they could at least get a meeting with Watson. But that’s what happened to them in the end.

And so, in 2022, the Eagles will continue with Hurts as their starting quarterback, the way Watson wanted.

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