The Simpsons Weeknd Appearance Episode

The wait is over. Last week, fans of The Weeknd received a small teaser of the artist’s performance on The Simpsons

In Episode 721 of Season 33, “Bart the Cool Kid” sees The Weeknd as Orion and Darius Hughes as it sheds a satirical light on today’s influencer generation and recent streetwear fashion trends. While many of the situations in the episode are more applicable to younger audiences or those relatively new to streetwear, it’s still an interesting commentary that streetwear fans know all too well, having lived through it.

In one scene, Bart is shocked to learn that Orion, owner of the hyped skate brand ‘Slipreme’, has no interest in skateboarding, and doesn’t even know how to skate. The brand starts to lose its cool factor once the middle-aged demographic led by Homer starts to wear it. There are even knock-offs of the brand’s signature sneaker, the Caliphates.

Those interested can see some of The Weeknd’s voice acting skills in the clips below.

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