The Witcher Rumor Reveals What The Next TV Show Will Be

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The Witcher is one of Netflix’s most popular shows, so it’s no surprise that the show and its spin-offs so far are reportedly just the beginning of the entertainment world taking advantage of witcher universe. According to a new rumor, there is much more to come, including a prequel starring Lambert, Coen and Eskel. Of course, for this to happen, it has to happen before Season 2. That said, the rumor notes that it’s not clear whether this is going to be a live-action show or an anime.

If it’s an anime then it’s not the only one in the works as rumor has it that a new anime movie is in the works at Studio Mir. The film is rumored to have been in pre-production since March this year. It sounds like it’s just going to get more of it Nightmare of the Wolf in style.

The third and final part of the rumor claims that Netflix is ​​”considering a new live-action”. witcher spin-off to shoot after season 3 ends later this year.” If this is true, and if the previous rumor is true, then there could be two live-action spin-offs, which seems unlikely, but it wouldn’t be the first its time Netflix milks something for every little drop.

As for where all this information comes from, it comes the way of Rednanian Intelligence, a reliable source when it comes to The witcher† However, the label itself all this information as a rumor, perhaps suggesting that it has too much faith in all the details, which apparently come from different sources. What does this mean? Well, it means that everything here should be taken with a grain of salt.

At the time of publication, no parties involved have commented on this. If this changes, we’ll update the story accordingly.

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