There are two different ‘Wordle’ answers today, here’s why.

Warning: wordle spoilers ahead

wordle today, Wednesday, March 30, 2022, has two different answers, but they are both right.

On Wednesday, confused wordle players took to Twitter wondering why there were seemingly two different correct answers and if the puzzle had changed.

For some players, the winning word was HARRY, but for others, it was STOVE. In an email response to Mashable, Jordan Cohen, New York Times Executive Director of Communications, confirmed that the reply had indeed been changed. “In an effort to make the puzzle more accessible, we look at the solutions and remove obscure or potentially insensitive words over time. HARRY is an example of an obscure word.”

According to, harry, “intimidating, inciting, or harassing by or as if by repeated attacks; besiege.”

This is not the first time wordle got two different answers. In February, Wordle 241 caused a stir when the answer was changed from AGORA to AROMA.

In January, the New York Times bought wordle from the creator, Josh Wardle. Worried about losing their streak, many players just keep the page open in their browser, which would mean their answer would still be HARRY. Cohen said refreshing their browser should update to the new version.

Here’s more about today wordletips, clones and background on the game we are all addicted to.

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