This ‘Freedom Convoy’ Protester’s Vehicle Got Stuck in the Mud at Beacon Hill Park (VIDEO)

(Margo Goodhand/Twitter)

Speaking of a tricky situation…

A “Freedom Convoy” protester got stuck in the middle of Beacon Hill Park this afternoon, at least.

On Saturday, VicPD announced they would block an area in James Bay for “protest-related” vehicles, although local traffic would still be allowed through.

“8 weeks of sustained vehicular disruptions, slow-roll blockages and the use of horns, including modified air train and ship horns, had a significant and unlawful impact on residents and businesses in James Bay and the BC Legislative Area,” said VicPD in a tweet.

Though unexpected, VicPD’s move to seal off the James Bay area seemed effective, though at least one protest-related vehicle succeeded almost beep through.

A tweet from a Victoria resident shows a photo of what appears to be one of the ‘Freedom Convoy’ protesters, with their vehicle stuck in a muddy lawn of Beacon Hill Park.

In the same Twitter thread, VicPD confirmed that the driver had been given a ticket and the vehicle was subsequently towed.

When VicPD made the announcement about today’s blocked areas, they added that protesters would still be able to access the zone by foot, bicycle, public transportation or other means.

“Related protest events in other cities have seen recent escalations, including clashes between protest groups and clashes with police,” VicPD said.

“This requires that we increase our response to keep people safe and continue to facilitate a safe, peaceful and lawful environment for protest.”

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