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Non-fungible token (NFT) sales have been mediocre over the past week as total sales volume over the past seven days has fallen by 13.75% since last week. The biggest number of sales came from Ronin this week as 45,875 buyers increased Ronin-based NFT sales by more than 72%. The NFT collection that registered the most sales volume in the past seven days was Clonex, as sales of the NFT collection increased by 94.05%.

7-Day NFT Sale Down 13.75%

After the week of March 20-26, 2022, Google Trends data shows that the search term “NFT” has shifted from a score of 39 to this week’s score of 37. Since scoring a 100 in the week of January 16-22, 2022, the number of searches worldwide for the search term “NFT” dropped by 63%. Last week, the NFT sales volume in terms of sales increased by 34%, and the NFT collection Azuki was the best-selling collection. Since News released the weekly NFT sales report, seven-day statistics show NFT sales are down 13.75%.

This week's NFT sales fell 13%, Ronin Markets rebound, Clonex climbs higher

Metrics are derived from rankings and the platform records sales coming from 15 different blockchains. Ethereum saw the most NFT sales in the past week at $570.2 million. All 15 blockchain networks have processed approximately $662.4 million in the past seven days. This means that more than 86% of all NFT sales last week stemmed from the Ethereum blockchain. However, Ethereum-based non-fungible token sales fell 12.55% lower than last week’s ETH-based NFT sales.

Blockchain network Ronin led the way this week in terms of NFT sales, up 72% from last week’s numbers. After Ronin’s NFT sales, the blockchain networks Panini were up 25.47%, Cronos NFT sales were up 24.13% and Palm sales were up 22.70% this week. Blockchain’s biggest losers in terms of seven-day NFT sales are Tezos at 52.93% and Avalanche at 36.35% as of last week.

This week’s top NFT collection in terms of sales is the Clonex NFT compilation which is up 94.05%. Clonex has landed $45,945,175 in sales from 487 buyers in the past seven days. Clonex’s seven-day sales stats are followed by Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Arcade Land and Moar, respectively. While BAYC was the third-highest sales last week, BAYC’s sales volume is down 28.69%.

BAYC still has the most expensive bottom price of 109 ether, but another collection called PROOF Collective has a floor of 82 ether at the time of writing. The top three most expensive NFT sales this week came from the BAYC collection. Bored Ape Yacht Club 5,149 sold for $797.7K or 245 ether, Bored Ape 7204 sold for $695.8K or 215 ether, and Bored Ape 1131 traded hands for $627.2K or 180 ether at the time of settlement.

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