Thom Yorke Gives Radiohead, UNKLE and The Smile Songs Their Solo Debut: Watch

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Thom Yorke played an acoustic set tonight at Zeltbühne in Zermatt, Switzerland. Among the many songs he played solo for the first time were Radiohead’s “Bodysnatchers” (from In Rainbows), “Shutting Down Music (For a Movie)” (from OK Computer), and “Decks Dark” (from A moon-shaped swimming pool† He also gave solo debuts to “Rabbit In Your Headlights” (his 1998 collaboration with UNKLE) and “Pana-vision” (Smile’s new single). Radiohead’s “This Are My Twisted Words” and His Own The eraser the title track was also performed solo for the first time since 2010. Check out the performance videos and the career-spanning setlist below.

01 “Has ended”
02 “Free In The Knowledge” (The Smile song)
03 “Body Snatchers”
04 “Everything in the right place”
05 “Shortness of Breath”
06 “Pana-vision” (The Smile song)
07 “Daydreaming”
08 “Cover dark”
09 “Maybe I’m Wrong”
10 “Play video”
11 “These Are My Twisted Words”
12 “Flowers”
13 “Unmade”
14 “Reopen”
15 “Present Tense”
16 “The Clock”
17 “Video tape”

18 “Idiot”
19 “Rabbit In Your Headlights” (UNKLE Song)
20 “Shutting Down Music (For A Movie)”
21 “Ghost”

22 “The Eraser”
23 “House of Cards”
24 “Strange Fish/Arpeggi”

According to, “Like Spinning Plates”, “Sail To The Moon”, “Last I Heard (…He Was Circling The Drain)”, “There There” and “Teleharmonic/Europa” were listed as alternatives on the set list . †

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