TikTokers ran into Jacob Elordi all over Melbourne this weekend

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Hold on to your mullets, iced coffee and tote bags Euphoria stans because certified hottie Jacob Elordic was spotted around Melbourne this weekend.

In what feels like Australia’s very own Deuxmoi, a few local TikTokers claimed to have seen Elordi in town for the past few days.

A TikToker said she saw our HBO babe in a cafe in Camberwell around noon on Saturday. He was apparently wearing a chic gray coat despite Melbourne being 26 degrees.

“I think he’s been in America too long,” she said.

“He ordered a juice [—] the healthy queen [—] and was as tall and hot in person as on TV.”


I can’t believe Jacob Elordi didn’t ask me out.

♬ Nate Growing Up – Labrinth

Another girl who worked at a pub in Richmond said she saw him at work later that night. She described the moment she realized that the man she served was Mr. Elordi was and it sounded like a cute meet-cute.

“After pouring his pint of Carlton, he handed me his credit card marked ‘Jacob Elordi,’” she recalls.

“I almost died. [I] obvs [sic] took a picture with him. Can confirm he’s just as hot in real life.”


Part two? @mina #jacobelordi #fyp #euphoria #melbourne

♬ Nate Growing Up – Labrinth

Then he went for a walk around Footscray on Sunday.


JACOB fkn ELORDI !!!! #jacobelordi #melbourne #euphoria #natejacobs #greenscreenvideo

♬ Nate Growing Up – Labrinth

Jacob Elordi grew up in Melbourne and attended St Kevin’s College in Toorak, Victoria. So it wasn’t particularly surprising to see him in Melbourne.

But the idea of ​​him walking among us mere mortals still caused quite a bit of panic among Melbourne’s bisexual community. Especially after fellow certified hotties Paul MescalPhoebe Bridgers and Saorise Ronan were spotted there earlier this year.

“Jacob Elordi, Paul Mescal, Phoebe Bridgers and Saoirse Ronan are all in Melbourne right now and people are just moving on,” said one user on Twitter.

I was wondering the exact same thing.

“First Paul Mescal in Melbourne and now Jacob Elordi. A great time to be a sad TV girl,” added another.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to catch a flight to Avalon Airport.

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Image: TikTok / @moinawakefield / @gabriellahollo / @celdawg

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