Todd Bowles says he learned from mistakes at the Jets, is a better coach at the Bucs

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New Buccaneers head coach Todd Bowles was the head coach of the Jets for four years, and things didn’t go well: He never made the playoffs and was fired with a 24-40 record. But Bowles thinks the results in his new job will be different.

Bowles said that after he was fired, he looked inside himself and saw things he needed to do differently.

“I think if you take a main job” [for the first time] you have to wear a lot of hats, but you’ve never seen yourself wearing those hats,” he said. “If you understand that going in . † † without the experience I think you tend to do things a little differently. You have to be man enough to know when you can change things. When people get fired, they usually blame everyone. The first thing I did was look inside myself, and there were a lot of things I could do better.”

Bowles called delegating to his coaching staff rather than trying everything himself as something he will now be better at, and Bowles has already inherited a successful staff from Bruce Arians rather than having to build one himself.

But the biggest difference is that the Buccaneers have better players than the Jets. The Jets had Bowles quarterbacks Ryan Fitzpatrick, Bryce Petty, Geno Smith, Josh McCown and Sam Darnold. Bowles quarterback is Tom Brady with the Bucs. That alone is the kind of change that can make a coach look like a genius.

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