Toronto student stuns American Idol judges again with heartfelt Billie Eilish song

Toronto student Nicolina Bozzo returned to the American Idol stage and once again stunned the judges this week.

The 18-year-old Bozzo’s heartfelt rendition of Billie Eilish’s “Everything I Wanted” had audiences on several occasions, and judges were blown away by her performance on the Hollywood Week episode of American Idol, which aired March 28.

Before taking the stage, Bozzo spoke about her life at home and why she has so much emotion in her voice.

“My family grew very close,” Bozzo says. “We’ve done everything together.”

But that all changed about five years ago when her parents separated and got divorced.

“Everything went downhill with my family,” she says. “It was something I loved, that I just lost and that involved a lot of emotions. Singing taught me to use those emotions for good and not let them get me down.”

Bozzo and her sisters have moved in with their grandparents, and her grandmother offers words of encouragement through a video message.

“Nicolina, I’m so proud of you,” says her grandmother, Clara Bozzo. “I know you worked so hard for this.”

With tears in her eyes, Bozzo says thank you. She says she wants to show her younger sisters that dreams can come true.

As she takes the stage, judge Katy Perry says, “Ah, I remember her, she’s really good.”

Her powerful, emotional voice drew hundreds of comments on YouTube.

“This girl’s voice punches right through your chest and wraps her voice around your heart,” someone wrote on YouTube. “She is an impeccable singer, but her mastery of childbirth is so extraordinary.”

On Instagram, Bozzo said that the performance was everything she wanted and that she made it to the next round of duets.

“Let’s all pray that duets are just as good,” she said, referring to the next round. Then she added: “I have a surprise for you guys coming very soon!!”

Bozzo told the Aurora Banner that winning American Idol would change her family’s life for the better

“Winning American Idol would mean the world. I would be so honored to be the first Canadian American Idol and represent Canada,” she said.

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