Trans Day of Visibility: Why Evie Macdonald Wishes She Grown Up a Show Like First Day

When Evie Macdonald landed the lead role in First Day, the first thing she did was cry.

“Then I ran around the house and told all my siblings,” she says.

The Emmy-winning ABC Me show follows teenage Hannah Bradford as she navigates high school life and the added challenges that come with being transgender.

Although she doesn’t like the early mornings, the 16-year-old trans actress understands the importance of bringing a story like First Day to a younger audience.

“You watch a series to connect with the character because you like them and you love what they do,” she says.

“With Hannah, people have really been able to connect with her. And that’s never been done in Australia before. And that’s why it’s so important.”

We sat down with Evie on the occasion of International Trans Day of Visibility and the premiere of the second season of First Day.


What makes First Day so special?

I think it’s really important that First Day was created because there are so many trans people who haven’t had a chance to see this grow up. And I feel like it would have helped them a lot.

Even in my case, if I saw something like First Day, it would have been so important to me.

First Day helps people learn how to use proper communication, and I wish I could have watched it with my parents.

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