Updates NSW floods: Man dies in sunken car in Cobbitty, southwest of Sydney

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A man has been found dead in his car in floodwaters in the town of Cobbitty, southwest of Sydney.

Here’s how the second day of major flooding around Sydney unfolded.

Live updates


NSW flood update

NSW Prime Minister Dominic Perrottet, Emergency Services Secretary Steph Cooke, as well as representatives from the Bureau of Meteorology and State Emergency Service provided an update on the flooding this morning.

Check it out here:

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Sorry Natty, you guessed it right. That’s where we leave the live coverage today, but please head over to our main story for all the updates throughout the night. We expect another BOM update at 6:00 PM.

Fortunately, we have seen several evacuation orders lifted this afternoon and many flood warnings have been canceled as well.

The main competition now is to keep an eye on the Hawkesbury River around Windsor, especially early tomorrow.

And remember, the BOM predicts that Sunday will be a “pretty nice day”

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Where are we?

  • Moderate flooding occurs along the Hawkesbury River near North Richmond and Windsor. Some roads are closing in Windsor at this time, so keep crossing LiveTraffic.
  • Minor flooding occurs at Penrith and Sackville, but no flooding is expected downstream from Sackville.
  • The Nepean River at Menangle Bridge, Camden Weir and Wallacia Weir is experiencing moderate flooding.

And what’s to come

  • The Hawkesbury River at Windsor could peak at around 9am tomorrow around 4am with moderate flooding
  • It could peak at 5.80 meters in Sackville tomorrow morning with minor flooding.
  • Lower Portland’s Hawkesbury River likely to remain below minor flood level (4.60 metres)

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Hawkesbury BMX club ‘lost for words’

Supplied: Hawkesbury Hornets BMX Club

This is really heartbreaking…

The McGraths Hill BMX club has been flooded again… just as they were about to resume operations after last month’s flooding.

They say they are “out of words at all”.

“The damage done in the last flood is only going to get worse in this one…2 major floods a month apart, it will cost a small fortune to repair….again!” the club said on Facebook.

“To say our hearts are broken is an understatement. We wish so much that our job wasn’t in such a low, easily flooded area, fingers crossed that this will change for our children and future children.”

By Paige Cockburn

The ☀️ is out in Windsor!

Delivered: Hawkesbury City Council

And the bridge is still open!

Delivered: Hawkesbury City Council

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The water flows quickly in Wallacia, but luckily the River Nepean now falls at the Wallacia Weir.

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No power?

Endeavor Energy says they have had to isolate power supplies in many flooded areas to ensure safety.

You may not have power if you live in Camden, Sackville, Pitt Town, Leetsvale, Ebenezer, Agnes Banks, and Cattai.

You can let Endeavor know that your power is here.

Fallen power lines can be reported by calling 131 003.

By Paige Cockburn

key moment

Residents of Woronora and Bonnet Bay can go home

There is good news this afternoon, as the SES lifts evacuation orders for these low-lying areas of Woronora and Bonnet Bay:


  • Thorpe Road
  • Prince Edward Park Road
  • Deepwater Estate
  • Manila City
  • Boomi Place
  • Yanko Close
  • Prices Circuit between Park Road and Menai Road
  • Prince Edward Park Road North of the bridge at the RSL.
  • Arthur Place
  • Lower Washington Drive
  • Johnson Close
  • Woronora Village Tourist Park
  • Menai road from Woronora
  • Liffey Place
  • Thames Street

Bonnet Bay

  • Johnson Close
  • Arthur Place
  • Lower Washington Drive backup to Johnson Close

People in these areas have been under evacuation orders for more than 24 hours.

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Latest news from North Richmond and Windsor

The North Richmond Bridge can be seen completely submerged by the floodwaters of the swollen Hawkesbury River. AAP: Dan Himbrechts
Geese swim through a flooded picnic area in Richmond. AAP: Dan Himbrechts
The swollen Hawkesbury River can be seen at the Windsor Bridge. AAP: Dan Himbrechts

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❗ Flood increase expected in the next half hour ❗

The Nepean River at Wallacia Weir is likely to peak at 11:20 feet around 3pm.

River levels will be slightly lower than during last month’s flooding.

Based on the Bureau of Meteorology forecast, the following areas are expected to be affected by dangerous flooding:

  • Wallacia
  • Greendale
  • Bents Basin
  • Mulgoa, including low-lying properties along Mulgoa Road

By Paige Cockburn

By Paige Cockburn

Body recovered from Cobbity

The man’s body is taken to a helicopter. ABC News: Jake Lapham

Police in southwestern Sydney have recovered the body of a man from a submerged vehicle near Cobbity.

The man was reported missing just before 8 a.m. today and his van, which got stuck in the water, was found shortly afterwards.

Police say the 68-year-old’s body was found during an operation involving the police helicopter, divers and the SES.

He has yet to be formally identified and an investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death will be underway.

By Paige Cockburn

What to expect over the weekend (spoiler: more rain)

The rain will linger, but will gradually ease during the weekend.

There may be rays of sunshine (as we see in Sydney now), but that doesn’t mean people should let their guard down. The BOM is urging people to monitor the condition of the rivers from wherever you travel or wherever you travel to.

Collectunder storm will still be possible in the interior of the state and the far northeast as of early Saturday.

Flooding is no longer expected in the following river basins:

  • Upper Coxs River
  • McDonald River
  • North Sydney
  • South Sydney
  • Parramatta River

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key moment

Eviction warrants for Chipping Norton lifted

Everyone in these streets in Chipping Norton can now return home safely:

  • Newbridge road between Riverside Road and East to Georges River
  • Davy Robinson Drive
  • Rickard Road
  • Arthur Street

Flood levels have dropped, but care should be taken when returning to the area as flood damage can be widespread and utilities may not be in use.

Plan your route carefully to avoid flooded roads and make sure the electricity and gas are turned off before entering.

By Paige Cockburn

This is what Pitt Town Road looks like now

There is an active evacuation order for Pitt Town Bottoms – here’s why

ABC News: Helena Burke
ABC News: Helena Burke

By Paige Cockburn

More evacuation orders for Sackville

The SES says the following residents and businesses must evacuate parts of: Sackville North at 2 p.m.:

  • 951 Sackville Ferry Road (Anderson Farm)
  • All properties at 968 Sackville Ferry Road (Ulinbawn Water Ski Park)
  • All properties in 952 Sackville Ferry Road
  • 942 to 968 Sackville Ferry Road

Go to Sackville Ferry Roads towards Maroota to evacuate.

Once the water at the Sackville Ferry reaches 15 feet, the area becomes isolated and you could get stuck.

By Paige Cockburn

What good news

Flooding is no longer expected in the Central Coast and South Coast rivers.

Ashley Relief GIF by The Challenge

This means that flood warnings will expire for:

Central Coast

Upper Coxs River

McDonald River

North Sydney

South Sydney

Parramatta River

Coast of Illawarra

Clyde River

Moruya and Deua rivers

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Aerial scenes around Ebenezer and Sackville

By Paige Cockburn

This is what happens when gasoline mixes with flood water

Gasoline bubbles up from sinks and spills into lawns after an oil refinery spilled yesterday in the Sydney suburb of Kurnell.

Floods inundated a sump pit at the Ampol terminal, spilling gasoline onto Kurnell’s roads. The RFS then had to pump out several houses in the area.

The disaster is far from over…

By Paige Cockburn

The Hawkesbury is swelling, but there is some hope….

Residents along the Hawkesbury are no doubt feeling desperately flood-tired and unfortunately the river will peak at 11,80m today around 6pm.

With the spillage of the Warragamba Dam, there are significant flows to the Hawkesbury from the Upper Nepean….

Warragamba Dam spills this morning.

BUT, the SES says the river level is likely to remain well below March 2021 and 2022 flood levels.

And while more showers are forecast for today and tomorrow, that rain isn’t expected to trigger any new river rises.

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