Vladislav Namestnikov traded to Dallas Stars for 2024 pick

The Detroit Red Wings have traded Vladislav Namestnikov to the Dallas Stars for a fourth round in 2024.

Namestnikov’s solid defensive presence made him a good fit at the top of the team. His 13 goals and 25 points in 60 games added a lot of depth to Detroit’s offense and probably played a key role in the trade. Dallas scores a solid bottom-six forward with plenty of defensive pedigree, while Detroit has one more pick for their rebuild.

A fourth-round pick may not seem like much of a bummer, but it’s better than nothing for a player with an expiring deal. In addition, Namestnikov went for a fourth round last season, making this a pretty cromulent deal overall. Like the Stecher trade, it adds a new building block to the design.

This one is especially unique because it comes in 2024, around the time the Red Wings should push for the playoffs. In a way, it’s a way to play the long game. Should Detroit need a Namestnikov-esque player in the future, they can use that fourth-round pick as leverage.

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