Wanda Sykes Says Will Smith & Chris Rock Oscars Moment Was “Sick” And Shares She’s Traumatized Too

We’re three days after the 2022 Academy Awards, and celebrities are still sharing their thoughts on the viral moment that happened between Will Smith and Chris Rock on the night of the show. Now Wanda Sykes, one of three co-hosts on this year’s show, is sharing her account of everything that happened that night.

Wanda was recently a guest on Ellen DeGeneres‘ talk show, and when asked about what happened that night from her perspective, Wanda said she was backstage when the moment happened. She’d seen Will Smith go back to his seat and start yelling at Chris, then someone told her that Will had punched Chris.

Wanda said: “I felt so awful for my friend Chris, and it was sickening. I felt physically ill and am still a little traumatized by it.”

She continued: “And to have him stay in that room, enjoy the rest of the show, and take his award, I was like, ‘how gross is this? This is just the wrong message. You attack someone, you get escorted out of the building and that’s it.”

Wanda made the audience laugh when she said she wanted to be able to run outside after they announced Will as the “Best Actor” winner and said, “Unfortunately, Will couldn’t be here tonight.”

Such as earlier reported that Will shared his formal apologies Monday with Chris Rock, the Academy, the show’s producers, the show’s attendees and also viewers around the world.

However, Wanda feels like the presenters of the show, namely herself, Regina Hall and Amy Schumer should have gotten an apology too.

“We were the hosts, this is our home, we invite you, we host, we will take care of you tonight, make sure you have a good time. And no one has apologized to us, and we’ve worked really hard to put that show together,” Wanda said.

Wanda did say she received an apology from Chris Rock when she ran into him at an afterparty.

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