Water Main Breaks Leave Robbins Residents Dealing With Significant Challenges – NBC Chicago

It’s been a challenging Thanksgiving for the suburban village of Robbins, as dozens of residents are left with little or no running water because of multiple main breaks.

According to Mayor Darren Bryant, two water main breaks are currently impacting more than 100 residents, including him.

“We take for granted the basic necessity of water, but we have a failing, crumbling infrastructure,” Bryant said. “I’m calling on the governor, state senators…calling Jesus…anybody to get some help for the people.”

The mayor says the price tag to get the village’s water system up to par could be upwards of $40 million.

Officials are delivering cases of water to those who are impacted by the ill-timed water main breaks, with hopes that water can be restored within the next one-to-two days.

Additional issues are being evaluated, with the mayor also saying a third main break may have occurred.

Robbins is just over three miles from Dixmoor, which has also seen a slew of water-related issues in recent months. Main breaks, low water pressure and issues with the village’s pumping system have all caused problems for officials to deal with, and state lawmakers have been asked to allocate funds to help rebuild the infrastructure issues causing the breakdowns.

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