What makes Reuters Breakingviews successful?

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Rob Coxthe outgoing editor of Reuters Breakingviews, writes about its success.

Cox writes, “But the main reason Breakingviews is still a respected brand in the global financial community is the value propositions championed by our founder Hugo Dixon, which remain unchanged. From the beginning, our mission has been to produce agenda-setting financial insight, which means to be the first with the intelligent rendering (we added ‘intelligent’ after quick but noisy Twitter came), provide value over time and analytic depth, and do it in a pleasant way.

“This does not mean that we are standing still. To reach new, more diverse, and younger readers, Breakingviews and Reuters will almost certainly have to consider changes in the way it delivers its kind of insights. The email alerts we developed two decades ago — long before the current newsletter fashion — can be reinvented. The deliberate 350-word rendering, which some newbies call clever brevity, has been our hallmark since day one. But that leaves room for longer columns that examine financial matters with more voice and specialized insight.

“Unfortunately, those decisions, whether small adjustments or large-scale innovations, will be made by my successors—the 30-odd editors and columnists who collectively will continue to deliver the brightest, most up-to-date insights about money found throughout the media landscape. to be. “

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