Who made the bigger dodge, Correa or Watson?

Friday March 18, 2022. Black Friday in Houston sports history, and a date that will live in shame for any sports fan in our beautiful city, because on this day Deshaun Watson became a Cleveland Brown and Carlos Correa became a Minnesota Twin. (Technically, Correa’s deal with the Twins was announced after midnight, but it was still functional Friday night for those who let their Watson grief drown.)

If it feels like you’re in the middle of a psychedelic fever dream as you read that first paragraph, it’s completely understandable. It’s unbelievable how many big stars have left this city in the past two years, names like Hopkins, Clowney, Watt, Springer, Cole, Harden and Westbrook. However, the real faces of the Texans and Astros franchises for the next decade would be Watson and Correa.

The fact that both are leaving, realizing that each of them has completely different circumstances surrounding his departure, is sad enough. The fact that Watson has orchestrated a trade with the BROWNS and Correa signs a fairly reasonable, low-risk deal with the TWINS… again… fever dream.

So what was the bigger “WTF, WHAT JUST HAPPENED?” swerve last Friday? Deshaun Watson being traded to the Browns, or Carlos Correa signing a three-year deal (with opt-outs after each season) with the Minnesota Twins? Let’s do a Tale of the Tape, shall we?

The title chances of the new team
Even if for some reason you don’t have Watson or Correa among your favorite athletes, you still have to admit that both are fierce competitors who are capable winners. I suspect that both are thirsty for a championship in 2022 in their respective sports. Watson is in a great position to achieve that, with a really good roster, solid offensive line, good defense and capable front office. Correa will join a team that Vegas predicts will win 77 games next season. The Twins are a fringe playoff team at best with Correa. Correa’s decision is definitely a stranger in this category.

Geography of the new team
Forget the franchises, I had no idea that either of these two CITIES would have been the preferred location for Watson or Correa. For Watson, a man who was willing to accept a trade with a 1-7 Dolphins team because he liked South Beach, Cleveland is, well, the opposite of South Beach. Also, the wind coming from the lake will make leading the league in passing yardage an issue as well. For Correa, Minnesota is an odd place to picture him, but before you bring up the sub-Arctic temperatures of the Twin Cities, remember that the baseball season runs from April to early October. Correa probably won’t buy a house in Minneapolis. He is literally a six-month soldier of fortune. If you pull back the layers, Correa’s geographic decision makes more sense.

How weird do they look in their new uniform?

LARGER SWERVE: CORREA (by a wide margin)

Is the contract correct?
Carlos Correa was a bit of a victim of a few things: the foreclosure and the market that dried up under him. His decision is a cautious one, albeit probably swallowing a little pride. Once the lockout was over, every cursory analysis of the shortstop market showed that Correa didn’t get the 10-year deal he was looking for. He may get the off-season next season, and this contract gives him the flexibility to try, while getting the highest ANNUAL salary of any infielder ever. Watson was given the highest guarantee in NFL history while already under contract, while being sued by 22 civil plaintiffs, AFTER not playing for a season blew EVERYONE away.

Pure fan emotion actor

So we’re tied in two categories apiece, so how do we break the tie? I could come up with a crazy throwaway category, like “Who’s got the better looking significant other?” or something like that (NOTE: both have wonderful significant others.), but I think a good old-fashioned analysis of emotion is the better route. This is a post on a Houston outlet, so which of these decisions has moved you emotionally fast? Which one was just a visceral gut punch? To me, it’s a no-brainer – the Watson thing was a swerve because everyone here had their sights on getting Atlanta’s 8th overall pick in the design in a trade, but the Correa thing was a swerve because it wasn’t just the Twins were, but unlike Watson, there was a chance Carlos Correa could return to the Astros. Or so we thought. Clearly not the case. So winner of this category….

And winner of the bigger diversion….

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