Why Jets might trade for DK Metcalf. from Seahawks

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DK Metcalf’s trade rumors have not been hushed up this week after both Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider said during NFL owners’ meetings that they intended to keep the star-wide receiver — which is quite similar to Carroll’s wording the team. had “no intention” of trading Russell Wilson just days before the QB was traded to Denver.

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One team that could be in the mix for Metcalf is the New York Jets and ESPN Jets reporter Rich Cimini gave insight into why Wednesday morning on Seattle Sports’ Mike Salk Show.

Asked by Salk if the Jets would be interested in Metcalf, Cimini said it’s pretty clear they would.

“Yes – in a word, yes,” Cimini said with a slight chuckle.

As Cimini further explained, Metcalf has been a hot topic among Jets followers on Twitter for the past few weeks, and last week’s trade that sent star receiver Tyreek Hill from Kansas City to Miami only fueled the fire.

“I think the Jets revealed their hand last week when it became known that they were very heavily involved with Tyreek Hill and that they were willing to pay essentially what he got (in a contract extension) from Miami, which is about $25 million per year,” Cimini said. “So yeah, the Jets are looking for a wide receiver, a star receiver. I think they would like DK Metcalf.”

Which leads to Salk’s next question: What would the Jets need to pry Metcalf out of Seattle, especially given that Hill cost Miami five draft picks, including No. 29 (late first round) and No. 50 (second round). round) in the upcoming 2022 NFL Draft?

“It would take more than the Tyreek Hill situation, that’s for sure,” Cimini said, pointing out that Metcalf is only 24 years old, while Hill is 28. “I mean, Hill ended up going for a late one and a two. DK is, what, three or four years younger? So it’s going to cost. The Jets should probably say goodbye to (their) second-choice in the first round, the 10th choice.”

This is where the conversation might get a little awkward for Seahawks fans. That #10 overall pick that the Jets currently own was originally the Seahawks’, which was sold to New York in 2020 as part of the Jamal Adams trade.

“It could be Jamal Adams’ reverse trade. It would be like the Jets giving back what they got in the Adams trade,” Cimini said.

According to Cimini, the Jets are quite determined to buy a marquee receiver to help sophomore QB Zach Wilson, who could be good, but probably not destined to become superstar.

“They believe in the quarterback, but they also believe that they should do everything they can to help him,” Cimini said of the Jets.

An important thing to keep in mind is where Metcalf himself decides he prefers to play. So far, his statements have indicated his commitment to the Seahawks, and he has even expressed support for quarterback Drew Lock, one of the players Seattle received from Denver in the trade with Wilson. But Cimini saw Adams’s departure from New York up close and he keeps that in mind.

“(Metcalf rumors have been going on for several weeks, really only in Twitter land, so I did some poking around and I was probably told about a week and a half ago that DK isn’t available. But you know, things change. And a lot also depends on DK’s position,” he said. “Like, how hard is he going to push this?

“When the Jets had Jamal Adams a few years ago, it’s a similar situation: a star player entering his fourth year. Adams pushed it. I mean, he and his agent really shot out of town. They did everything they could to make the water so muddy that the Jets would trade it, and it worked. So it depends on DK whether he wants to go down that road. If he wants to go the scorched earth route and make it a nuisance so that they have no choice but to trade him, I mean, that’s up to him. But other than that, the Seahawks have had him under control for at least two years – this year plus a franchise tag year – so that’s huge leverage for the Seahawks.”

You can listen to the entire conversation between Cimini and Salk in the podcast below.

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