Why Kyle Shanahan Is Sure The 49ers’ Aaron Banks Is ‘Ready To Go’

Coach Kyle Shanahan believes Guard Aaron Banks will be ready for a starting role on the 49ers offensive line this season.

Why is he so sure?

Because Shanahan thought the 2021 second round of Notre Dame was done halfway through his rookie season.

“We’re very confident,” Shanahan said at the NFL Annual Meeting in Palm Beach, Florida. “The way he finished last year was ready to go.

“We almost made a move and put him in, but we had sort of a winning streak and were cheering as a team. If you’d asked me halfway through if he was going to play, I’d have said ‘Yes’. And then it started to clicks for our team and we didn’t want to mess it up. But he’s ready to go.”

The 49ers won just three of their first eight games of the season before warming up and entering the postseason as the winners of seven of their last nine regular season games.

Banks has only played nine games as a rookie and played just five offensive snaps all season — fewer than any second-round draft pick in the league except for Tampa Bay’s third-string quarterback Kyle Trask.

Daniel Brunskill started every game on the right guard for the 49ers. Laken Tomlinson had arguably his best NFL season with the left hat, recently signing a lucrative free agent contract with the New York Jets.

Tomlinson’s departure opens the door for Banks to take over as starter at the left guard. Another sophomore, Jaylon Moore, is also being considered for a runway at one of the sentries.

Shanahan spoke about the difficulty of developing starting offensive linemen when teams generally practice three days a week once games start. Teams reduce contact during practice as the season progresses.

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“So guys have to be really motivated to do stuff after training and do all the work with our coaches,” said Shanahan. “It’s too detailed, but you have to do it because you don’t get the reps.

“What I liked about Banks, and even Jaylon Moore, those two guys, they were hungry out there. I always saw them at work. I always see them ready for the opportunity, and I think they’re going to get it this year.”

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