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Phuong Buic

It’s really cool, but will it ever end?

Have you experienced? Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience

We have. It was fascinating! Watching his paintings merge into one another, surrounded on all sides by his starry night… it was awe-inspiring.

When the exhibit first arrived outside the Saint Louis Galleria in October, we feared we would miss it, as it would only be for a short period of time, ending in November. Then, wow! It was extended until January. Yet we were afraid that our weak friends would miss it. Fortunately, it was then extended again until March.

At that point we had seen it all. And now it’s April, and he’s still there. There’s even news that the ghostly white tent outside the Galleria will be here until school closes.

Now the question has become: why is the thing getting extended? And when will it actually go away?

Our prediction: Never. Eventually, the white tent will replace the arch as the state’s best-known landmark.

Don’t get us wrong. The exhibition is great. But it’s something you really only need to see once. Maybe twice, if you’re incredibly high.

In reality, it’s starting to look less like a ‘traveling exhibition’, but more like something that needs to take root.

A permanent space in a different location would probably be best. After all, a similar show titled Beyond Monet: The Immersive Experience coming soon to the same location Beyond Van Gogh currently occupied. One wonders: How many Impressionists can Clayton handle?

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