Will Smith gets 10-year ban from Oscars for Chris Rock limp

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The Academy of Films on Friday banned Will Smith from attending the Oscars or any other academy event for 10 years after his blow to Chris Rock at the Academy Awards.

The move comes after a meeting of the academy’s board of directors to discuss a response to Smith’s actions.

“The 94th Oscars were intended to be a celebration of the many individuals in our community who have done an incredible job over the past year; however, those moments were overshadowed by the unacceptable and harmful behavior we saw Mr. Smith display on stage,” the academy said in a statement.

Smith pre-emptively resigned from the academy last week in the run-up to the meeting, saying he would accept any punishment the academy would impose.

“I accept and respect the Academy’s decision,” Smith said in a statement.

The academy also apologized for the way they handled the situation and allowed Smith to stay and receive his Best Actor award for ‘King Richard’.

“During our broadcast, we did not adequately address the situation in the room. We are sorry for this,” the academy said. “This was an opportunity for us to set an example for our guests, viewers and our Academy family around the world, and we came up short — unprepared for the unprecedented.”

In a statement in the days following the Oscars, the academy said Smith was asked to leave the ceremony but declined.

But it’s not clear how the message was delivered to Smith or what form it took, and several media outlets reported that he was never formally told to leave the Dolby Theater. The Los Angeles Times reported on Thursday that Oscar producer Will Packer told Smith, “Officially, we don’t want you to leave. We want you to stay.”

The ban means Smith won’t be presenting any of the big prizes at next year’s Oscars, as is tradition for the best actor winner.

The academy also expressed “deep gratitude to Mr. Rock for maintaining his composure under extraordinary circumstances in its statement on Friday.”

The academy’s statement did not address the question of whether Smith could be nominated for Oscars during his 10-year suspension. It has also taken no action to revoke Smith’s Academy Award.

The academy has not revoked Oscars from suspended members Harvey Weinstein or Roman Polanski.

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