Will Smith’s Daughter Willow Breaks Up With Wife In New Raunchy Goth Music Video

Twenty-one-year-old singer Willow Smith released a new single this week, “Purge with Siiickbrain – and the music video is shocking.

Willow, daughter of actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, makes out with fellow musician Siiickbrain, real name Caroline Miner Smith, in the raunchy gothic video.

Willow further emphasizes her creative talents and takes on the role of director, Louder reports. “In the video, we see Willow and Siiickbrain, aka Caroline Miner Smith, causing mayhem and general mayhem during a lust-fueled romp through a gritty, graffiti-tagged city.”

“There’s kissing, cars smashing and plenty of yelling into each other’s faces, which perfectly complements the song’s bottom-heavy guitar riffs,” the music station noted. “With another curveball and highlighting Willow’s affinity for genre bending, there’s even a trap beat in the mix, which is delightfully unexpected.”

Part of the video can be viewed below and the full video can be viewed here. [WARNING: Adult Content]

The Smith family has been notoriously open about sex, cheating and gender and sexual “fluency.”

For example, last year Willow and her mom discussed how they were both attracted to women on an episode of “Red Table Talk,” a Facebook show the couple co-hosts with Jada’s mom Adrienne Banfield-Norris.

“I’ve had two occasions when I was in love with a woman,” Jada said during the discussion. Young Willow said at the time that she has not yet fallen in love with a female, but could definitely see it happening.

In 2020, Willow’s parents discussed her mother’s affair with young singer August Alsina on “Red Table Talk.” The Daily Wire reported:

According to the duo, they were going through a rough time and parted ways “amicably”, even though they were still legally married. Pinkett Smith began a friendship with Alsina that turned into an “entanglement,” which the actress later classified as a “relationship” when Smith insisted.

The ‘Bad Boys’ actor was aware of the affair, the couple discussed. “There have never been secrets,” Pinkett Smith said.

However, Smith did not give “consent” because, Pinkett Smith argued, “the only person who could give consent in this particular circumstance was myself.” Smith agreed.

Smith was visibly uncomfortable during parts of the ‘Red Table Talk’ discussion, at one point comparing himself to a politician’s wife at a press as the man reveals his ‘violations’, a term Jada objected to. .

“I’m going to get you back,” Smith joked during an awkward conversation.

“I think you’ve already done that,” Pinkett Smith said.

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