William and Kate marvel at the ancient Mayan complex in Belize

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge explored one of Belize’s historic wonders and then climbed to the top of the old palace.

William and Kate toured the Mayan culture version of Buckingham Palace deep in the jungle, which remains the tallest man-made structure in Belize.

The 3,000-year-old royal residence and temple, built by the Mayan civilization, stood at the center of a city that was home to an estimated 150,000 people.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, with archaeological expert Allan Moore (Jane Barlow/PA)

(PA wire)

The couple came casually dressed to climb the steep steps of the pyramid-like structure called Caana, with William in a shirt, pants and sturdy boots, while Kate wore a white top, G Star combat jeans and Superga sneakers – and both had Wayfarer Ray ban .

Allan Moore, associate director of Belize’s Institute of Archaeology, had the pair roam the site with other buildings and were discovered in the 1930s by a lumberjack looking for mahogany.

He told them, ‘It’s like looking at the inside of Buckingham Palace. This is only a fraction of what we have here.”

During their tour, Mr. Moore showed the couple some old carvings, with the pair pointing out lizards, fish nibbling on water lilies, and a feline shape that he believes could be a jaguar.

William and Kate seemed in awe of the ancient monuments they saw (Jane Barlow/PA)

(PA wire)

He also led them to an area where the ancient Maya played ball games.

You could see Kate gesturing while she was on the ground and when they climbed halfway up Caana and looked out from a platform, the couple stood with their hands on their hips and looked around.

Catching a glimpse of the view, the couple marveled at what they saw. “Wow,” said Kate.

Standing on a platform halfway through the structure, the royal couple dwarfs the palace temple (Jane Barlow/PA)

(PA wire)

William laughed as he turned from the view — which was captured by a group of photographers — to find another group on the other side of them.

“We have one, one side and the other the other. You’re in each other’s photos,” he laughed.

The pair continued their ascent, accompanied by their own personal photographer.

Mr. Moore told them as they climbed the steep stairs, “People often try to run up here.”

William replied: “What are they racing? You have to be very fit if you do this three times a week, Allan.”

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