Yonkers family desperately searching for 72-year-old Sarah Rosado, who has dementia

YONKERS, N.Y. — A search is underway in Westchester County for a woman who’s been missing for more than 24 hours. 

Yonkers Police are searching for 72-year-old Sarah Rosado, who has Alzheimer’s disease, after she went missing on Sept. 22, 2022. 

Yonkers Police Dept.

Loved ones say Sarah Rosado, 72, has dementia and that she wandered from her home in Yonkers, CBS2’s Tony Aiello reported Friday. 

“I’m going crazy. Last night we went driving around, me and her son Christopher, and it’s just been a nightmare trying to find her,” said Janet Rosado, the missing woman’s niece, who spent hours overnight searching for her aunt. 

Sarah Rosado wandered away from 1160 Midland Avenue at around 3:15 p.m. Thursday. Her niece said it happened in a flash while she was in another room. 

“She unlocked the door. Normally she fights with the two locks,” Janet Rosado explained. 

Yonkers Police notified hospitals and dispatched units to patrol the immediate area near Midland, where it crosses over I-87. 

“We conducted a very thorough search yesterday. We have been unable to locate her. We notified the local news media, put her picture out on social media. So we’re asking if everyone can just keep their eyes open and if they see Ms. Rosado or see somebody in distress to please give us a call so we can get her the help she needs,” said Yonkers Police Lt. Dean Politopoulos. 

Sarah Rosado also wandered from home on Wednesday. She was barefoot in her pajamas. A good Samaritan was able to assist her and bring her to police that time. 

“Thank the Lord somebody stopped and they helped her, and she drove her to the gas station and called the cops,” said Janet Rosado. 

Sarah Rosado’s family said they’re in the process of getting her a vulnerable adult locator bracelet, which emits a signal that police can track. 

“It’s another tool to help locate missing persons and missing loved ones. This specific technology I believe transmits a radio locator beacon and it allows police officers with the specialty devices to find that person,” said Politopoulos. 

Sarah Rosado is described as short and thin. She was last seen wearing a pink shirt, grey chino pants and blue sneakers.   

The family said their anxiety is increasing with each passing hour. 

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