‘You Call Me They, But I’m Still Daddy’s Girl’: Demi Lovato Confuses Twitter With Pronouns Again

Bestinau got that-

Again, Demi Lovato is confusing everyone.

The 29-year-old former Disney star came out in 2021 as “queer,” pansexual and non-binary, instructing fans to start using side pronouns. Since then, Lovato has embarked on a journey of self-discovery, including a giant spider tattoo and encouraging followers to “be a slut and make porn.” (Disclosure: The Daily Wire has announced plans for children’s entertainment.)

Now the “Dancing With the Devil” singer just did something unexpected on social media. Lovato shared a photo on Twitter and Instagram portraying the star wearing a skirt, jacket, sneakers, styling hair and a full face full of makeup. The caption is what gets the most attention when it reads, “You call me she, but I’m still daddy’s girl…”

A few commentators were quick to point out that it was Lovato who insisted on being called “she.” It all seems to be hype for the singer’s upcoming album, which will be more of an emo-rock style and leave the pop music genre behind. Lovato even held a funeral for “pop Demi” to signal his transition to a new sound.

While describing the new album, Lovato shared: rolling stone“There’s a little… and when I say heaviness I don’t mean lyrically, but heaviness like in some of the sound I haven’t done before, which is exciting. It is a new era that is reminiscent of my first era.”

Lovato has embraced radical changes in recent years, so it’s no wonder the singer’s music evolves just as Lovato’s looks, mood, and even pronouns change. The “Sonny With a Chance” alum recently debuted a new forearm tattoo on Instagram that said, “choose love.”

The caption read: “I am inspired by the work @chooselove and their partners are doing to support refugees around the world, including those fleeing Ukraine.” The daily mail reported that Choose Love is “a non-profit organization that supports refugees and misplaced people around the world”.

Many fans of Lovato, who called themselves “Lovatics”, are excited about the new photos of the singer and the upcoming album release. There are also critics who can’t stand the former Disney star’s constant attention-seeking stunts.

“I would say without a doubt that the most annoying celebrity is… Demi Lovato,” said Candace Owens of The Daily Wire. during an All Access Live† “I’ve never in my life seen someone who needs more attention.”

The author of “Blackout” said Lovato is the perfect example of “women who share too much because they want attention and pretend it helps them.” She went on to say that the former Disney star is the “queen of this.”

“I don’t understand why people come to social media to share too much,” Owens said.

“I think the answer to this is because they’re just looking for someone in the comments who says, ‘You’re so amazing, that’s amazing, you’re so amazing, oh my God, so brave for speaking out about your multiple personality disorder “Me too, oh my gosh, you’re amazing”…it’s like the disorder they suffer from is a need for attention on social media. And Demi has this condition very much.”

“She just needs to let social media take her away,” Owens concluded.

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